What is Incapacity Payment and How to Get It?

Temporary incapacity payment, which has different uses among the public, as report money, rest allowance, report fee and sickness benefit; employees only if they meet certain conditions. The wage of the employee who wants to benefit from the temporary incapacity benefit; It is given by the Social Security Institution, not by the employer. Thus, it is aimed to prevent loss of income and eliminate grievances during the periods when the employee is on report.

What is Incapacity Payment?

Disability payment; It means the payment made to the employee by the SSI in order to prevent the insured employees from becoming ill, having a work accident or occupational disease. However, in order for the employee to receive this payment by the SSI, he must be able to submit a report proving that he is sick. Working; he does not receive a salary payment from his employer during his reporting period. During this process, the payment of the report money to the employee is made by the SGK.

How to Get Disability Payment?

According to the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510, there are 3 different temporary incapacity benefits. In one of these, if the insured employee has an accident at the workplace or receives a report due to an occupational disease related to his work, he / she has the right to receive a report fee by the SSI. In addition, if the employee receives a report due to his illness or any illness, he / she can receive report money provided that the social security premium has been paid in the 90 days before the report date. Same zamIf the female employees with insurance also give birth at the moment, they are entitled to receive report benefit as maternity benefit 8 weeks before and 8 weeks after birth. In multiple pregnancies, this period is 10 weeks before birth.

Insured employees must meet certain conditions in order to receive this payment. Accordingly, employees must be incapacitated due to work accident, illness, maternity or occupational disease and must have received a medical report from physicians or health boards authorized by the Social Security Institution. Same zamIn these situations that require immediate inpatient treatment, the employee should not have premium debts. In addition, as in all insured employees, people who will receive incapacity report due to birth are expected to have at least 90 days of insurance premiums within a year before birth.

Incapacity Payment What Zamto buy the moment?

The Social Security Institution begins to pay temporary incapacity payment to the insured employee as of the 3rd day of the report. However, there is no regulation in the law that the first 2-day report fee will be paid by the employer of the employee. Social Security Institution does not pay any report money to insured employees who receive reports for 1 or 2 days. On the other hand, there is an exception from the temporary incapacity allowance for those who have an occupational accident. Employees who receive reports due to work accidents are paid every day by the Social Security Institution. Same zamAt the moment, these people are not required to pay a 30-day premium for health activation and a 90-day retrospective working condition. Report money is deposited into the employee's account via PTT within 15 days at the latest after the employer submits the employee's report to SSI. However, after the fee has been transferred to the account, zamIt has to be taken within the instant envelope. Allowances not received are sent back to SGK.

How is the incapacity payment calculated?

Payment information in the last 3 months before the report is required for the report money calculation process. If there is no work in the last 3 months, go back and look for other months. If there is a payment in the last 3 months, it is necessary to write the total payments and the number of days in this process. Same zamIf there is a bonus income at the moment, they should also be included in the account. The total payments are then divided by the total number of days. Then this number; When 2 is subtracted from the number of days reported (since the first 2 days were not paid), it is multiplied by the number of days removed. Calculation is completed according to the type of treatment, as 2/3 payments are received in outpatient treatments and 1/2 in inpatient treatments. If the insured employee experiences this work accident on the first day of employment, a calculation is made on the basis of the precedent or the earnings of another insured working in the same job. In order to see the report money, it is necessary to log into the e-government gate system online. From here, you can easily query by going to the 4a-4b disability payment inquiry menu.

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