Gökbey Helicopter to Take Off with National Motor TS1400


Gökbey, the first domestic general purpose helicopter developed and produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) main contractor, will take off with the first national helicopter engine TS1400 produced by TEI (TUSAŞ Motor Industry). The first national helicopter engine TS1400 to be integrated into Gökbey was unveiled at the ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan via teleconference. The test of TS700, which was developed by a team of 1660 people and produces 1400 horsepower, was successfully completed. Gökbey's tests will then be carried out with the TS1400 national engine.

“Delivery of our First National Helicopter Engine TEI-TS1400 and Design Centers Opening Ceremony” was held in TEI's Eskişehir campus. Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler, force commanders, Head of Defense Industry İsmail Demir, Eskişehir Governor Erol Ayyıldız, Deputy Minister of National Defense, attended the ceremony attended by President Erdoğan with a live link from the Vahdettin Mansion. Muhsin Dere and TEI General Manager and Chairman of the Board Mahmut Faruk Aksit attended the meeting.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Erdoğan emphasized that TEI will turn into a role model in the country in its field with the investments to be made and the capabilities to be gained within the scope of the turboshaft engine development project. President Erdoğan stated that at the design center, engineers will not work efficiently and in a coordinated manner in the design and research and development units. the national industry organization in the international arena along with Turkey, stating that they aimed to be among the most important players in the sector TEI's President Erdogan continued as follows:


There are as many countries as the fingers of a hand that have a say in engine technologies in the world. In order to develop an engine, a very wide ecosystem, from software to materials, needs to work together. Thankfully, TEI is no longer just an engine manufacturer, but also a brand that designs, manufactures and sells engines to the world. With our turboshaft project, we are establishing a very serious test infrastructure that can test engines of this class and similar in our country. This infrastructure is the same zamAt the same time, it can also be used in the testing of our higher power class engines such as the national combat aircraft engine. In addition, we are developing new generation light armored vehicles, Altay tanks, UAVs and missiles, as well as engines of various power classes for many of our platforms. By God's grace, we will soon start to take all these engines into our inventory.”


President Erdogan, helicopter turboshaft engine with all of the engines of the other defense vehicles opened down the road they will continue to progress until done, said: "On the one hand TAI, on the other hand, especially Turkey aviation with private sector organizations of our efforts, all kinds of engine design and manufacture of the address country We are getting closer to our goal of making. "Although someone tries to undermine the defense industry of our country through the tank pallet factory in Arifiye, we will never give up this goal," he said.


President Erdogan, engine projects; Emphasizing that the works carried out by names such as Nuri Killigil, Vecihi Hürkuş and Nuri Demirağ will not allow sincere initiatives such as the revolution car to come to an end, he said, "I hope we will firmly protect the engine projects carried out in TEI and other organizations and ensure that our country reaches its goals in this field." he spoke.


Speaking at the ceremony, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said that it is a historic day for the defense industry. Turkey's National Technology Breakthrough vision is not critical technology users, manufacturers proceed with sure steps towards becoming Varank Ministers noted that, "Now, we are holding jobs that require high technology and advanced design skills. Our national turboshaft engine TS 1400 is one of the best examples of this. This engine was designed, developed and produced entirely by TEI engineers and technicians. When mass production is started after the necessary certification processes, we will both get rid of one more foreign dependency and prevent an annual high technology import of 60 million dollars. TS 1400 is a pioneer of our future successes. As Turkey, we are one with gas turbine engine technology from 7 countries. In this sense, the design center where the design works of the local engines we will open today will be carried out will be the starting point of our new success stories. said.


Stating that the combination of design and R&D teams will both increase efficiency and shorten project processes, Minister Varank said, “All the production and assembly workshops required for the development of gas turbine turboshaft engine, which is a critical technology, are available here. Engines to be used in our national aircraft such as HÜRKUŞ and ATAK will be able to be easily designed in this center. Being one of our pride institutions, TEI is stepping into a much stronger production period with these opportunities. " he spoke


Stating that 10 of the top 5 companies that make the most R&D expenditures are defense industry companies, including TEI, Minister Varank said:

"Export value per kilogram in Turkey for $ 1,5 seviyelerindeyken, our defense industry over these 50 dollars. The export value of our first national helicopter engine TS 1400 is 6 thousand dollars per kilogram. This is the proof of the success of the R&D and entrepreneurship ecosystem that we have built from scratch in 18 years and our policies prioritizing value-added production. "


National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, Turkey's leading company in the aerospace industry and meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces TAI particularly pointed to progress made in recent years. Reminding that he visited TEI last year and witnessed that the first tests of the domestic and national helicopter engine successfully passed, Akar said, “Today we are all witnessing that this distinguished company has written a really great success story. We are looking forward to the start of mass production of our general purpose helicopter GÖKBEY, following the engine integration and certification studies. said.

Underlining that there is still a long distance to be covered with the belief that "Success is a journey, this is not a destination", Akar said, "Working with this awareness, TAI will also achieve great success in the National Combat Aircraft project, and will continue to be a source of pride for our country and our nation. and I wholeheartedly believe that our armed forces will meet their urgent needs in this direction. " used the expression.


Turkey's pupil in engine operating agency said the Chairman of the Presidential Defense Industry continued to work with full force for the needs of the TEI Ismail Demir, "This project will be initiated tests on the helicopter. An engine developed domestically, certified in line with the airworthy requirements and integrated into the helicopter will be brought to our country. In addition to the engine development infrastructure, we will be provided with a test infrastructure where all aviation engines in a similar power range can be tested. Original engine design software will be developed and a material database will be created. With our gas turbine engine development projects, which we carry out with a wide technical infrastructure, local solutions will be provided for the engine needs of our other unique air platforms. On the other hand, being among the engine producer countries in the world will bring about being more assertive in export. " said.


Stating that the TS1400 project started in 2017, TEI General Manager Akşit said, “This is a completely original engine designed and developed by Turkish engineers from start to finish. We produced the first jet engine in the true sense of Turkey. This is the turning point in the history of Turkey. "He said.

TS1400 with Turkey's aviation technology in the Champions League exit to save General Manager Akşit, "I hope we will blow Gökbey of this engine. Our mass production planning continues. Following the difficult maturation and certification process, Gökbey will fly with our national engine after 2024. he spoke.

Akşit pointed out that Gökbey will be used for both military and civilian purposes and said, "Our national engine produces 67-120 horsepower more than its counterparts at take-off, continuous flight power, emergency takeoff and single engine escape mode." said.

Following the speech of President Erdogan at the ceremony, the first national helicopter engine TS1400 to be integrated into Gökbey was tested. TS1400 passed the test successfully. Ministers Varank and Akar raised the cover on a TS1400, which was ready with all its components, to applause. After the delivery of the showcased TS1400, the design center was opened. Those in the ceremony area later made observations at the TEI facility.


The Original Helicopter Program, which is carried out with the aim of meeting the general purpose helicopter needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and other needy authorities with a unique platform, was launched in 2010 with the decision of the Defense Industry Executive Committee (SSİK). A contract was signed between the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and TUSAŞ in 2013 for the original helicopter, whose program budget and schedule were determined.


General Purpose Helicopter, which realized its first flight in 2018 with the Turbo Shaft Engine LHTEC-CTS800 · 4AT produced by LHTEC, all of the systems such as avionics, hull, rotor system and landing gear of Gokbey are signed by TAI.


Gökbey, Turkey will take off with the first helicopter designed and developed with indigenous capabilities TS1400 engine. Thus, Turkey will be numbered among the countries which can produce its own jet turbine engine. Gökbey; It can be used in many missions such as VIP, Cargo, Air Ambulance, Search and Rescue, Offshore Transport.


Designed to operate effectively in the most challenging climates and geographies, high altitude and high temperature, day and night conditions, Gökbey also benefited from the knowledge, experience and experience gained in the production processes of the Atak helicopter.


The national motor TS1400 used in Gökbey produces 1660 horsepower. Many firsts were achieved in the field of manufacturing and material technology in the production of the TS1400. Turkey's first single-crystal turbine blade production for TS1400, was carried out by TUBITAK Marmara Research Center. During this production, innovative thermal barrier coating methods were used.

Developed by a technical team of 700 people, TS1400 has an export value of 6 thousand dollars per kilogram. ts1400 first time for use in the aerospace quality nickel and titanium alloys for forging technology was developed in Turkey. Parts were produced with additive manufacturing, which is shown as the manufacturing technology of the future.


TEI, the product of strong cooperation between the public and private sectors, has made an investment of 5 million dollars in the last 312 years. 43 percent of this was covered by state support. The design center of TEI, which has signed 11 high-tech engines, will speed up the development of new engines. The center that will bring the design and R&D units together will provide a more efficient working environment.

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