Gemlik TOGG Automobile Factory Construction will be Constructed by Yapı Merkezi

Gemlik Togg will build automobile factory construction center
Gemlik Togg will build automobile factory construction center

Yapı Merkezi will carry out the superstructure construction of the Gemlik Facility, which is the core of TOGG's 'Journey to Innovation' target and defined as 'More Than A Factory' with its functions, smart and environmentalist features under the same roof.

On December 27, 2019 Turkey of the front display device and stepped on innovation by introducing the world TOGG, in a year's time remaining 'of the Construction Start Ceremony, as well as battery modules and packs to be produced in Turkey after the agreement carried out with Farasis important TOGG Gemlik Facility, which is one step further, determined the superstructure construction company.

Yapı Merkezi, determined among 16 companies by the Construction Committee formed by the TOGG Board of Directors; With its technical and technological competencies, financial strength and commercial approach, as well as strong references in the field of industrial buildings, TOGG has been determined as the company that will implement the Gemlik Facility. At the TOGG Gemlik Facility, where the soil improvement works are at the final stage, it is planned to start the superstructure work by Yapı Merkezi as of January 2021.

Following the superstructure works, which are planned to be completed in about a year, the first serial car is planned to be unbound in the last quarter of 2022, with the establishment of production and assembly lines at the TOGG Facility. When the production capacity reaches 2022 thousand units at the TOGG Gemlik Facility, where recruitment will start in 175, it will employ a total of 4 thousand 300 people.


TOGG Chairman of the Board M.Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, TOGG Gemlik plant the following to take on the construction of the Building Center, said: "TOGG, Turkey continues to implement its plans to carry out the 60-year dream. With the determination of our superstructure construction company, we have completed a very important stage. In line with our policy of approaching each supplier equally, Yapı Merkezi, among 16 valuable companies, won the tender, which we held with the open tender method in electronic environment by providing the highest level of transparency. I congratulate Yapı Merkezi and wish good luck for both institutions. I sincerely believe that they will achieve a successful work in line with TOGG's goals. "


TOGG CEO M. Gürcan Karakaş, who stated that with the superstructure construction works that will start in January, will pass an important stage in the 'Journey to Innovation', said: “We continue to proceed in accordance with our goals as we planned at the beginning. TOGG Gemlik Facility will be one of the most important elements of the TOGG ecosystem. For this reason, we made the selection of the company that will carry out the construction according to objective success criteria, as in all our suppliers.

“Yapı Merkezi's references both at home and abroad are very successful projects. More than one global brand also has their signatures in the construction of industrial facilities. In our selection, it stood out as the company that will meet our expectations, with its competencies in this field and its successful projects all over the world. "


Speaking at the signing ceremony Yapı Merkezi Construction and Industry Inc. Chairman of the Board Başar ArıoğluTurkey's construction said they were proud to receive the mission of the facility will produce the car, "this is a big responsibility for us. There are hundreds of steps in the manufacturing process of a car. The first is to build the structures of the production facility. The buildings we will build will surround them to protect the automobile construction process and ensure that production processes are not affected by weather conditions, and production will take place without interruption even in natural events including earthquakes and storms.

Yapı Merkezi Construction and Industry Inc. General Manager Özge Arıoğlu In his speech at the ceremony, he said that production processes and the future machines for these processes and buildings and infrastructures should be very compatible in order to ensure that business processes flow correctly and efficiently. Arıoğlu continued his words as follows: “ zamVery compatible with process and design teams for immediate catch-up, flexible but visionary and zam"We will do intensive studies that will not overlook the target of the moment."

Yapı Merkezi Holding CEO Aslan Uzun in "Turkey is a proud We are delighted to take part in such a visionary project. Turkey's automobile and the realization of that vision and we will build a factory dedicated team TOGG befitting people of our country. In this project where the world is watching zamWe are aware that we are competing against the moment. We will be worthy of our trust, we will accomplish this important task that falls on us with a devoted team work, we have a promise ”.




  • Increasing productivity with internet of things, data collection and analysis
  • Real zamhas a smart production network that generates value with instantaneous data
  • Foreseeing and / or preventing errors that may occur in production lines with advanced cameras and sensors
  • Improving ergonomics with collaborative robot applications and wearable technologies


  • 5 g / m2 less than "volatile organic compounds" release legal limit is the legal limit in Europe 9 1 7 1 in Turkey
  • 30 percent lower CO2 emission and carbon footprint thanks to its short cycle.


  • With the production, style design, R&D, prototype and test unit, strategy and management center will be together. Customers are not only about to receive their vehicles, but also zamIt is an experience center where they can come to see TOGG technology up close and have a pleasant family time.


  • The superstructure works of TOGG Gemlik Facility will be started by Yapı Merkezi in January 2021.
  • The facility will be built on an area of ​​1,2 million square meters and when it reaches full capacity, it will have 230 thousand square meters of indoor space.
  • In the last quarter of 2022, the first serial automobile will be off the line.
  • 175 thousand 4 people will be employed when the capacity of 300 thousand / year is reached.
  • At least 30 percent of the employees at the TOGG Facility will be female employees.
  • At the start of production, the domestic production will be 51 percent.
  • In 2025, the localization rate will reach up to 68 percent.
  • By 2030, 1 million TOGGs will be downloaded from the line.

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