C130 Aircrafts in Erciyes Project Nationalized by TAI

eye continues. TAI, which has completed the modernization of 19 aircraft in the Erciyes C130 modernization project, which includes 7 aircraft in total, is expected to receive the 8th aircraft for modernization in the coming days.

TUSAŞ, which redesigned the central control computer of Erciyes C130 Aircraft by its engineers and installed it on the aircraft, zamAt the same time, the aircraft's GPS, indicator, anti-collision system, weather radar, advanced military and civilian navigation systems, invisible lighting for military missions at night, black box with sound recording, communication systems, advanced automatic flight systems (military and civil), military network operation. It performs the modernization of critical parts such as digital scrolling map and ground mission planning systems. In this way, with the modernization that facilitates the mission capabilities of the C130 aircraft, the workload of the pilot is reduced, and a safe flight is ensured with automatic route tracking from takeoff to landing. With the modernization, the C130 aircraft, which has increased situational awareness, has also gained the ability to land sensitively and safely at airports. The aircraft, in which the latest technology is integrated, has gained the ability to execute as well as digital military / civilian planning. ZamCompliance with civil aviation rules has been achieved for saving time and fuel. The first prototype aircraft was delivered in 2007, during the work initiated within the scope of the Erciyes C 130 project signed in 2014. The project, in which a total of 19 aircraft will be modernized, is meticulously carried out by TAI Engineers.

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