15 Unknown Mistakes About Diet

Dietician Salih Gürel gave information about the subject. While many people try to lose their excess weight, they cannot achieve this due to the mistakes they make during diet. Some of these mistakes are;

  1. I can eat diet products as much as I want
  2. If I only drink water, I get weak
  3. I will lose weight faster if I sleep less
  4. I will lose weight better if I don't eat anything after sports
  5. If I drink a lot of soda, I will become weak
  6. I must completely eliminate carbohydrates from the diet
  7. It is healthy to lose a lot of weight in a short time
  8. I can eat the fruit as much as I want
  9. If I skip one of the main meals, I get weak easily
  10. The egg is gaining weight, I won't eat an egg again
  11. I took the bread out of my life, I immediately lost weight.
  12. Even water makes me lose weight
  13. I feel more vigorous when I don't drink water
  14. If I do physical activity while hungry, I burn more fat
  15.  I lose weight fast with weight loss drugs

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