Digital Factories and OEE Systems

OEE Systems
OEE Systems

OEE is one of the most important performance measurements in digital factories and facilities. By optimizing OEE, it can increase capacity in production lines for the digital factory. Costs can be reduced, quality and efficiency can be increased.

What is a Digital Factory?

Digital factory; It is a production facility where people instantly share information about all stages of the production process of machines, raw materials and products. Enabled with smart sensors, affordable cloud storage, and big data analytics, this system combines data and intelligence from pre-sealed IT and operating systems. Digital factories smart production systems are a result.

What Are The Commercial Benefits Of The Digital Factory?

Holistic and real produced by the digital factory zaminstant data increases efficiency, productivity, security and environmental compatibility. It also improves the control of production workflows and the movement of everything from raw materials to work in progress and finished products. Almost real to operation data zamProvides instant access. Thus, managers can quickly overcome obstacles and inefficiencies.

OEE Systems
OEE Systems

What are OEE Systems?

By optimizing OEE, it is possible to achieve significant performance gains in production facilities. Before going into this detail, oee It would be helpful to provide a more detailed explanation of the benefits and benefits.

OEE General Equipment Effectiveness

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. A digital factory is a method of analyzing the performance of a machine or a piece of equipment according to its theoretical maximum capacity. OEE only applies to periods in which machine or equipment operation is planned. If the machine is not programmed to operate overnight, the overnight off time is not included.

What are the OEE Factors?

OEE includes three factors;

  1. availability: It includes installations such as planned maintenance, cleaning and quality inspections. It is an important detail at the point of displaying planned stops in production for adjustments. In addition, unplanned downtime in production due to typical malfunctions also negatively affects OEE measurement. Short stops and short idle times are also important. These stops can occur for a number of different reasons, including blocked sensors, misfeeds, and jams.
  2. Performance: Valid when the production is not working at full capacity. This may be due to worn equipment, neglected equipment, environmental factors or operator issues. Examples of the latter include operator errors, inexperience, or usability.
  3. Quality: It is the decrease in efficiency that occurs as a result of defective products and defective products. Examples include operator error, incorrect settings, and inefficient lot change.

Why Is OEE Important?

A digital factory too; A significant capacity potential can be achieved through OEE optimization. This increases production and makes your operation more efficient and cost effective. In addition, taking steps to improve the OEE issue is zamthe moment is more cost effective for the digital factory than the alternatives. This is especially true in the short and medium term as well as in the long term. Alternatives include adding a new shift, increasing overtime, purchasing new equipment, outsourcing production or opening a new facility.

OEE Systems
OEE Systems

Benefits of OEE in Digital Production

  • By reducing the need for investment in other areas, the digital factory allows the use of existing equipment at the highest capacity
  • Provides better oversight of the production process. Thus, OEE helps to plan where the real problems are and how to provide them with priority steps.
  • It increases capacity and increases efficiency. This way, while new products are launched, more becomes possible. Provides significant return on investment
  • It helps to remain competitive in the market, especially in competitive industries such as OEE pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturing.
  • Zamsaves time and money. Same zamHelps maintain reputation in the marketplace by avoiding the risks and consequences of immediate product recalls. In this way, it offers improved process quality.
  • It plays an active role in the machine maintenance and repair cost process and reduces it in order to implement appropriate plans and programs.
  • Increases the scalability of the production line.

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