Protect Your Baby With Mustela Vitamin Barrier Anti-Rash Cream

Rash is one of the most common skin problems in babies. It manifests itself with diaper rash, rash and itching that can easily occur due to reasons such as being closed for a long time, stuffiness, contact of the moist area with the skin, hot weather, and transition to supplementary food.

Expert Protection Against Soiling with Mustela's 98% Natural Origin Content

Being the number 1 of pharmacies in Europe in mother-baby skin care, Mustela offers effective and highly tolerant skin care for babies with its Vitamin Barrier Anti-Rash Cream with 98% natural origin content.

Suitable for use at every diaper change, Mustela Vitamin Barrier Anti-Diaper Cream, when used regularly, prevents diaper rash and provides comfort for your baby.

Free of controversial ingredients such as lanolin, paraben, preservatives, perfume, SLS, Mustela Vitamin Barrier Anti-Diaper Rash Cream has been tested under dermatological and pediatric supervision as hypoallergenic and can be used safely from birth.

What Are The Ways To Prevent Rash?

  • Frequent change of the baby's diaper.
  • Bleeding the diaper area.
  • Use of products that do not contain alcohol in cleaning the diaper change.
  • Regular use of diaper rash cream.

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