Bayraktar TB2 SİHA in the Skies for 270 Thousand Hours

Bayraktar TB2 SİHA, developed by Baykar Defense engineers, has been in the skies for 270 thousand hours

Bayraktar TB270 S / UAV system, which has been used by the security forces for more than 2 thousand hours, was used in Operation Euphrates Shield, especially in Operation Olive Branch, it served 5300 hours in difficult meteorological conditions. A successful mission in Operation Peace Spring Bayraktar TB2 S / UAV systems were recently used in Operation Spring Shield and successfully completed more than 80 percent of all missions.

Currently, 228 mini UAVs have completed 100.000+ flight hours in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish National Police. In addition, 122+ Bayraktar TB2 S / UAVs used in the armies of Azerbaijan, Qatar and Ukraine, as well as Turkish security forces, have conducted over 270.000 hours of flight. The 350+ UAV platforms offered by Baykar Defense to the use of security forces have achieved an important first in Turkish aviation history by performing over 370.000 flights.

110+ SUNS in the inventory

Turkey's developed by national Baykan producing SIH system when specifications and participated in the operations evaluated national SIH of the best in the world in its class Bayraktar TB2, the Turkish Armed Forces in 2014 (TAF) entered into inventory. The unmanned aerial vehicle, which was armed in 2015, is being used operationally by the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command, Turkish National Police and MIT. In addition, together with the Bayraktar TB2 UAV system in the inventory of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 110 Bayraktar TB2 S / UAV, which is currently in the inventory, has been actively working by the security forces in the fight against terrorism since 270, with 2014 thousand flight hours.

Bayraktar TB2S armed is coming

SATCOM antenna integration was made to Bayraktar TB2S SİHA, which was developed by Baykar Defense engineers over the Bayraktar TB2 SİHA platform. Thanks to the connection made via SATCOM, S / UAVs can overcome the range restriction imposed by the line of sight (LOS) connection, and can communicate with the ground control station in a wide area that is as large as the coverage area of ​​the connected satellite and can operate in a wider area and at a higher range.

a close zamAt the same time, the embargoes on electro-optical cameras using SİHAs came to the fore, and the systems integrated by ASELSAN CATS were tested in a short time.

Since TB2S SİHA has not been officially launched yet, it is unknown which SATCOM was used. However, there is a SATCOM system produced by CTech. Therefore, it can be evaluated that there is no embargo danger.

Source: defenceturk

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