BANTBORU at the First Digital 3D Fair of the Turkish Automotive Industry

takes its place in the first digital d fair of the turkish automotive industry
takes its place in the first digital d fair of the turkish automotive industry

Strong competitive performance with those exporting to 23 countries, a leading provider of BANTBOR products in its areas of our country used in the 100 4 vehicles produced in the world, Turkey, which is the first digital 3D exhibition of the automotive industry Auto Expo Turkey takes its place in 2020.

Worldwide in the area of ​​importance steel piping systems in the global automotive and durable goods sectors have managed to create high brand value, leading companies in this field in our country BANTBOR is due to the global health crisis held in this year's digital media Auto Expo Turkey takes its place at the 2020 fair.

Turkish first digital 3D with the automotive industry fair in Turkey Auto Expo 2020, 8 - will take place from 11 December. On the other hand, 3D-enabled virtual exhibition areas will be open to visitors digitally until June 2021. Auto Expo took place in our country with the participation of 55 leading enterprises of the automotive industry Turkey in 2020, industrial firms and commercial cooperation offers the possibility of developing and establishing new collaborations.

While maintaining its strong positions in the markets in which they operate; Stating that they act with the strategy of increasing brand awareness and branded sales in the global market, BANTBORU CEO Sinan goes, “Our export revenues constitute 50 percent of our turnover. With the power of the TURQUALITY® brand support program, which we joined in 2017, we take our global steps quickly and safely in line with our Competitive Performance corporate culture. We export to 23 countries in a geography stretching from Europe to India. Exports center of our activities in Turkey and we are managing our production and administration facilities in our warehouse in Germany, "he said.

bantboru the Auto Expo Turkey 2020 brake pipe for the automotive sector, Brake Caliper Pipe, Clutch pipe, double-decker Copper Welded Steel Pipe and steering tube products telling them to introduce Sinan expenses, the words continued as follows: "Today 100 out of every 4 vehicles produced in the world Products developed by BANTBORU with its own R&D and technology power are used. We take part as business partners in the most important programs of global automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Renault and Peugeot-Citroen. In the cooling sector, we cooperate with brands such as BSH (Bosch Siemens Hausgerate), Arçelik, Uğur Cooling and Bundy Refrigeration, with the products we have developed with our R&D and technology power.

Continuing to Invest in the Pandemic Period, BANTBORU is Preparing to Double Its Share in the Global Market

digitally within the scope of the pandemic measures that exist in the Auto Expo Turkey 2020 and to communicate with potential customers, to increase exports saying they aimed to provide opportunities new cooperation Sinan expenses, "the biggest health that mankind has faced until now and considered a threat to economic sustainability Covidien 19 Pandemic, It required us to revise our turnover and growth targets within the body of BANTBORU as it is in all sectors and companies around the world. There was a decrease in the first period of the year; However, we achieved positive momentum towards the end of 2020 with the introduction of our new collaborations. Our continuous investments during the pandemic period will increase the annual production capacity of our company to 80 million meters. In addition, we have made investments in state-of-the-art automation systems to be used for OEMs. In the automotive industry, which currently accounts for 85 percent of our turnover, we will double our global market share of 4 percent. Our goal for 2021 is to increase our export rate. Turkey Our participation in Auto Expo 2020 represents a significant step in this direction, "he said.

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