Audi Logistics Uses Augmented Reality In Planning

audi uses augmented reality in logistics planning
audi uses augmented reality in logistics planning

Audi is incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) technology into its logistics processes. Containers and other transportation equipment to be used in logistics and previously prepared according to prototypes are now determined using three-dimensional holograms.

Audi started using the LayAR system in its logistics processes. The software, which is a combination of Layout and Augmented Reality - AR, uses CAD data to visualize all logistic structures and objects such as shelves, belts, boxes, which are planned to be installed in a production area of ​​Audi, as a three-dimensional hologram and reflect them on the real environment in real size.

Audi, which used to use prototypes in logistics planning before, ensures that problems are noticed early and solutions are developed quickly with a full-scale visual, thanks to Augmented Reality.

All acquired images are displayed simultaneously on multiple AR devices through synchronization, where users can move, rotate or manipulate objects. All changes made are real zamIt is seen instantly. Thanks to the sharing of the image, it becomes very easy to work together, even in different facilities or even countries.

The logistics team, thus planning a more efficient and faster planning, is currently developing an application in the body shop in Ingolstadt: a new driverless transport system for the delivery of vehicles.

LayAR software is planned to be used in the production of electric cars at the main factory in the coming years.

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