The Harms of Drugs Are Explained in the 'Narco Truck' Established in Istanbul


In the truck, which was designed by the Istanbul Police Department's Department of Narcotic Crimes, citizens are informed and the harms of the drugs are explained through the physical change of real users.

Physical and mental changes experienced by previous drug users on 12 touch screens, "Chasing the first effect and effect time", "Fatal mixture", "Intervention", "Creating a trigger", "Brain damage", "Addiction face", "Addiction The police teams take care of the visitors one by one in the truck, which is described in the categories "diet", "Overdrive of heart" and "An overview of substance use".

There are also writings on the inner walls of the truck expressing their regret by young people arrested as a result of drug addiction.

The truck stand will be open to visitors between 30-10.00 until 17.00 December.

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