New Generation KORAL Electronic Warfare System Project Announced


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the ASELSAN new system introduction and facility opening ceremony in Ankara. In the ceremony where a new system was put into service of the Turkish Armed Forces, a new delivery of a system in the inventory was made and a new project was initiated, the opening of three new ASELSAN campuses and ASELSAN Akyurt Mosque were also held.

Under the leadership of SSB, the New Generation KORAL (Black SOJ-2) project with ASELSAN was also announced at the ceremony.

The Next Generation KORAL Electronic Warfare System to be Developed; Compared to the existing KORAL, it will have superior capabilities in detecting/mixing and blinding enemy elements. same zamIt will be capable of operating against all enemy old and modern radar elements using advanced technology at the moment. The New Generation KORAL system will detect and effectively mix even the most effective and popular radar threat elements, opening the safe air corridor needed in the operational field, and breaking new ground with the support it will provide to the user in order for friendly air elements to perform their duties effectively and safely.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the following statements about KORAL: “Our KORAL Electronic Warfare System played a great role in detecting and blunting enemy radars in our operations. We are also starting the new generation KORAL Project, which is a more advanced version of this system. "

showing the size of the operations carried out in Turkey and the Turkish Armed Forces is one of the most important CORAL system offers many advantages in the field of combat.

KORAL Electronic Warfare System

KORAL consists of one Radar Electronic Support System and four Radar Electronic Attack Systems, each integrated on an 8X8 military tactical vehicle.

The KORAL system is managed from the Operation Control Unit, in which the operators on duty are located, in accordance with NATO standards and protected against nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) threats.

Source: defenceturk


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