Vespa Helmets Turned into Artworks

Vespa Helmets Turned into Artworks
Vespa Helmets Turned into Artworks

Vespa, the Italian iconic motorcycle brand, has added a very special collection to, which includes many original products such as motorcycles, helmets, visors, bags and models.

In this context, models from original Vespa helmets came together with the original designs of painter Yiğit Yazıcı with the theme of 29 October Republic Day. At the Yiğit Yazıcı Workshop, 29 unique styled Vespa helmets, which achieved the “Memory of October 3” designs with the inspiration of art, were offered for sale on

Vespa, the iconic brand of the motorcycle world, has added a very special collection to, which includes original products. In this context, Yiğit Yazıcı, whose works are respected worldwide, carried the ability of art to express itself freely to the streets with Vespa helmets and created a special design. Yazıcı made a meaningful contribution to the original style of Vespa by applying special designs for October 29 Republic Day on original Vespa helmets. Vespa helmets, which meet with the designs of painter Yiğit Yazıcı and limited to 3 pieces, are waiting to meet with their owners on

Yiğit Yazıcı, who stated the sources that feed his art as "Life, thoughts on the world and the miraculous beauty of nature", experienced being unique and unique on Vespa helmets with his unique collection with the theme "Memory of October 29". The designs that add the inspiration of art to the Vespa world with the unique lines and colors of each helmet, designed in the Yiğit Yazıcı Atelier, are the same zamIt now opens the door to owning a work of art, along with a helmet for its owners.

The most original accessories are on!

All original accessories of the iconic brand Vespa can be reached at. The platform opens its doors not only to Vespa owners, but also to anyone preparing to step into the iconic world of Vespa with any product they buy. Many different products such as helmets, visors, motor tarpaulins, bags, Vespa models on the website meet with their owners online.

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