MI Ready to Turkey Coronavirus Vaccine?

Health economics expert Prof. Dr. Onur Baser, Pfizer and has already said that Turkey should do the planning by determining the distribution and resource requirements for the coronavirus vaccine developed by biontech.

In addition to being the Head of the Department of Economics at MEF University, he continues his research as a visiting professor at Michigan and Columbia Universities. Dr. Onur Başer pointed out that the whole world is closely following the final phase of the vaccine developed by Pfizer against Covid-19 and said, “Finally, the light appeared at the end of the tunnel. Turkey, the infrastructure in order to avoid the situation where the flu vaccine, order quantity and resources should determine in advance, "he said.

After the announcement that the coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech was more than 19 percent effective against Covid-90 disease, all countries started to prepare for the vaccine. The vaccine, which will be administered in two doses three weeks apart, is planned to produce 50 million doses by the end of the year in Pfizer's factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and 2021 billion doses by the end of 1,3. Stating that the vaccine news is extremely promising, Prof. Başer said, “Although the data disclosed is the data of the company and has not been reviewed by the referees, Pfizer is preparing to apply to the Federal Health Organization for urgent approval as soon as possible. The Federal Health Organization will require a 2-month side effect monitoring period, and it is predicted that the vaccine will be approved towards the end of the year. However, the vaccine of the Moderna company is also on the way. "While good news comes about the vaccine, we should make the necessary preparations as a country."

There will be great demand for ice packs

Expressing that the problems of vaccine distribution and access to the vaccine will become very important at this stage, Prof. Başer said: “Only in the USA, 300 million doses are needed, priorities will be determined by making a distinction according to vaccine risk groups. -70 ° C coolers will be required for transport and storage of the vaccine, and each package will contain 1000 to 5000 doses. Turkey's flu vaccine in the case of infrastructure facilities for the legislature, order quantities and the resources needed to advance planning. Each vaccine package will be stored with GPS thermal devices to check where they have reached. When the packages arrive, they can be preserved in ultra-cold cabinets for 6 months and must be used within 5 days when taken in the refrigerator. Since two doses are required, the organization for the delivery and storage of vaccines should be started now. For example, there will be a huge demand for dry ice bags to be used in vaccine transport. "

The vaccine was found to be no relief at this time and he underlined the need to leave Bashar measures, "the vaccine to arrive in Turkey zamSince it will take time, we have to go through the next winter with a mask, distance and hygiene. As the days pass, both the treatment modalities for Covid-19 are developing and the experience of the healthcare personnel is increasing. "The longer we protect ourselves with masks, distance and hygiene, the better we can achieve a quality treatment."

Prof. Dr. Who is Onur Baser?

Onur Başer, who graduated from METU Department of Economics in 1994 and completed his Master's Degree in Economics at the same university, later did his Master of Econometrics and Statistics at Michigan University, USA. Başer, who prepared her doctorate on health data of econometrics, specialized in health economics. He developed econometric models for calculating the annual costs of lung cancer to the state through a public health program at Harvard University. Başer, who worked as the chief economist in IBM's health research department for 5 years, was among those who prepared the Hospital Quality Index used in the health system in the USA today. Başer, who founded StatinMed, which provides consultancy to pharmaceutical companies in the USA in 2007, conducted sectoral researches on subjects such as drug cost calculations and value-based pricing. Baser, who sold StatinMed to an investment fund in the USA two years ago, continues his research and projects as a visiting professor at Michigan and Colombia Universities. Başer, who is the Head of the Economics Department at MEF University, is the Head of the Analytics Department of Columbia Data Analytics, based in New York.

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