Toyota Opens Video Communication Line for Hearing Impaired People

Toyota Hearing Impaired Visual Communication Line Acti
Toyota Hearing Impaired Visual Communication Line Acti

Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Co., Ltd. A first hearing was opened by performing the video communications line, providing the opportunity to talk through sign language services for the disabled in Turkey.

Hearing-impaired consumers can thus be informed on Toyota's website. They will be able to quickly reach the “Barrier-Free Communication Line” from the link and receive all kinds of information about Toyota and its models and solve possible problems only by the employees who provide service with sign language. An employee with hearing impairment was also employed for this innovative practice aimed at removing barriers at Toyota.

Standing out with the value it attaches to human life, Toyota once again proved that it stands by its disabled customers. Toyota, which has established a special communication line for the hearing impaired, previously announced that it started regulations for those with different disabilities in all its dealers. Toyota is also working to make the website suitable for the visually impaired.

One of the First Steps for "Mobility"

Toyota, which announced that it launched the "Start Your Impossible" campaign to realize a world where everyone from 7 to 77 moves freely with "mobility" solutions within the framework of the historical understanding of "change and transformation" in the past weeks, demonstrated one of the first examples of this with the "Barrier-Free Communication Line". .

In addition to being an automobile company, Toyota is also taking steps to transform into a "mobility" company that produces all kinds of solutions with advanced technology products for communities. In this direction; It is aimed to provide products with high technology that will enable the disabled, people with reduced mobility due to their illnesses, the elderly and all individuals, from the smallest to the oldest, to move freely, comfortably and with pleasure. Besides, also Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Co., Ltd. Within the body of the company, 360 degrees comprehensive activities are carried out for the disabled.

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