What is Ribbed Iron?

The type of steel that is preferred in reinforced concrete construction and produced as an alternative to flat surface construction steel is called rib. It is a protruding iron used to increase the strength of concrete. It consists of ribbed iron, carbon and manganese elements. It can be used safely in construction projects with its gear structure. There are indentations and protruding structures on the surface of the ribbed iron. It holds the concrete more tightly thanks to these indentations and protrusions. It is produced in 12 meters length as a general standard. Ribbed iron, which is frequently seen in the production of prefabricated structures, is used as a structural component of buildings as well as automotive and ship hulls.

There are some differences between ribbed iron and flat iron. Flat iron is used to sustain construction, while ribbed iron adds strength to the foundation of structures. Thanks to the teeth on its surface, it prevents negativities such as slipping by absorbing the concrete. It is a flat iron bar shaped and un-ribbed iron. Flat iron is more elastic. Flat iron is used in roof and floor beams, parking lots, prefabricated structures, columns, factories and buildings, overpasses, hangars and steel construction applications.

It provides material savings in terms of the created and desired architecture. Its pores allow the installation to be laid more easily and save the building height. The reason why rebars are preferred in today's buildings is that they make columns and beams more durable against earthquake disasters.


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