Nutrition Recommendations That Strengthen Coronavirus Patients

While the number of coronavirus cases is increasing day by day, the rules that individuals who have positive test results should pay attention to in their diet are becoming more and more important.

The close relationship of the disease with the strength of the immune system is now known to everyone. The best way to keep immunity strong is through a healthy diet. From the Department of Nutrition and Diet, Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Uz. Dyt. Nihan Yakut gave information about what coronavirus patients should pay attention to in their diet.

Diets containing all nutrients should be preferred.

The most basic need of a person who has a positive coronavirus test and is in the process of treatment is a diet with all nutrients and a variety. A dietary pattern of meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and oilseeds is essential for strong immunity in this process. All nutrients should be preferred in a balanced way, and natural ingredients should be used as much as possible. While in the weight loss process, it is important that individuals infected with the virus abandon diets with very low calories and missing nutrients. During this period, balanced diets that can meet all the needs of the body that can provide adequate and balanced nutrition should be applied.

Consumption of at least 2 liters of water a day is very important in treatment.

Individuals whose test is positive and whose treatment is started should take care to consume fresh fruits and vegetables suitable for the season. The diet plan should include all nutrients. Completely natural foods should be used and foods containing dense additives should be avoided. The point that should not be neglected in this process is fluid consumption. At least 2 liters of fluid consumption per day is very important for your body fighting the disease to remove toxins.

Stay away from these foods!

The biggest mistake to be made during this period is to consume empty carbohydrate sources intensely. Foods containing simple sugar and sherbet, heavy meals, foods cooked in contact with fire, foods such as fast food, alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided.

Beat the coronavirus with these vitamins and minerals

Our body needs all vitamins and minerals in the coronavirus treatment process. In particular, a food group or item is not a savior. For a truly healthy diet, each nutrient must be included in the daily diet. Compared to azamThe essential nutrients are vitamins A, C, D and E, selenium and zinc minerals. Oil seeds contain significant amounts of vitamin E, zinc and selenium. Therefore, hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts should be consumed during the day. Citrus fruits, which are a source of vitamin C, should be eaten every day. For sufficient vitamin A intake and a strong intestinal flora, soluble and insoluble fibers should be taken from whole grain foods and vegetables at a sufficient level, fermented foods such as kefir, yogurt, pickles and vinegar should be included in the diet. Herbal teas such as linden and sage can be consumed with ginger if the throat infection is intense. Vitamin D is a vitamin that has been the subject of important research on coronavirus. However, taking and using it without doctor's approval is risky. The physician should also be consulted for the use of vitamin D preparations.

Even if you are recovering without symptoms, avoid heavy exercise

Exercise should vary depending on the symptoms in Covid-positive individuals. If there is intense muscle pain and fever, exercise should not be done; zamthe moment must be reserved. In cases of fever, exercise may aggravate the course of the disease by increasing body temperature. If you experience mild or no symptoms, low-intensity exercises can be done. Intense exercise programs should be avoided. Exercises to work muscle groups or walking in a room with air circulation can be done with the support of soft pilates bands. If there is a treadmill, it will take 20-30 minutes per day. Slow paced walks can be done. Exercise is an important activity that reminds the body that it is still strong.

Coronavirus likes fatigue the most

Strengthen immunity; Sufficient sleep, a life accompanied by exercise, and a balanced and quality diet are all possible. These are indispensable when the immune system is thought of as a puzzle, and when not found, they are like pieces that break the whole. Coronavirus likes fatigue the most. Especially physical fatigue should be minimized during this period and the time allocated for sleep should be increased. An average of 8 hours of sleep a day should be sleep and if possible, attention should be paid to sleep hygiene. Body and mind can regenerate much better if they get enough rest. Exercise should be repeated every day as light as possible, in open and wide areas if possible for healthy people, and regularly at home during the coronavirus treatment process. For nutrition, which is one of the most important elements of immunity, these habits should be changed quickly if people have a habit of eating from outside or consuming fast food or if meals are often skipped.

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