The New KORKUT Low Altitude Air Defense Weapon System Delivered to Turkish Armed Forces

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The New KORKUT Low Altitude Air Defense Weapon System Delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces; President Erdoğan stated that they will deliver the new ones of the KORKUT Low Altitude Air Defense Weapon System, which is still in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces, to the Turkish Armed Forces in the Aselsan New System Introductions and Facility Openings program.

The Low Altitude Air Defense Weapon System with KORKUT Self-Propelled Barrel was developed by ASELSAN with national means, with the SSB Project, to effectively realize the air defense of mobile elements and mechanized units. In the KORKUT system, which has a distributed architecture in line with the needs of the Land Forces Command, each team consists of three Weapon System Vehicles (SSA) and one Command Control Vehicle (KKA) connected to each other by radio.

The KORKUT Project enabled ASELSAN to move its capabilities in the field of air defense to a higher level and our country to acquire many new technologies in this field. With the 35 mm Particle Ammunition (PMT) developed by KORKUT and also ASELSAN, our country has become nationally capable of a small number of countries in the world. KORKUT performs low altitude air defense most effectively against classical air threats such as aircraft and helicopters, as well as current air targets such as air-to-ground missiles, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. Delivery activities of the new Korkut systems are at the final stage.

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