Kovid-19 Inspections at Konyaaltı Coast are entrusted to Cyclical Seagull Teams

The police, who continue their new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) measures with bicycle patrols on the Konyaaltı Coast of Antalya, ask visitors to comply with the measures.

Inspections in Antalya continue uninterruptedly. Police officials also make a great contribution to the work carried out in cooperation with all institutions.

Established under the Provincial Security Directorate, "gull teams with bicycles" work overtime in the world famous Konyaaltı Beach.

The 7-bike police, who tour the nearly 16-kilometer-long beach, draw the attention of citizens and tourists.

Warning visitors to wear social distancing and masks against Kovid-19, the police continue their duties meticulously for public health.

Those Who See Police In Shorts Are Surprised

The police, who inform those who do not wear masks about the measures, also impose fines on those who insist on not obeying the measures.

"Turkey's pupil" on a beach, cyclists and shorts working out of the ordinary "gull team" of local and foreign tourists who do not conceal their astonishment.

"Seagull teams", who cycle an average of 30 kilometers per day with their bicycles on the coastline, where vehicles cannot enter, rapidly intervene in public order incidents.

In addition to drowning cases, the teams that make the first intervention in all kinds of public security incidents are also appreciated by the citizens with their work.

Those with a Warning Alert are Also Satisfied

Mehmet Aktaş, who was stopped by the Seagull teams because his mask did not completely cover his face, stated that he was satisfied with the application.

Stating that he did not realize that his mask had fallen off his face, Aktaş said, “I come to Konyaaltı Beach very often. I have been seeing police on bicycles since the beginning of the summer. I was surprised at first, but now I want them to work all the time. " used the expressions.

Volkan Önal also emphasized that he found the inspections in place and that everyone should gain the habit of masks in this process.

Saying that his mask slipped because he got moist while walking on the road, Önal said, "Finally, we put on the mask, we have to." said.

Mehmet Miroğlu stated that the seagull teams did their duties well and that they rightly warned him.

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