PARDUS Cooperation Protocol Signed Between HAVELSAN and Ministry of National Defense

The cooperation protocol between the Ministry of National Defense (MSB) and HAVELSAN within the scope of the PARDUS Migration, Maintenance and Maintenance Service Project was signed at a ceremony attended by the Deputy Minister of National Defense Mr. Alpaslan KAVAKLIOĞLU. Bil.Sis on behalf of the Ministry of National Defense Head of Department, Brigadier General Halil İbrahim Büyükbaş and HAVELSAN General Manager Dr. The protocol signed by Mehmet Akif NACAR;

  • With the purchase of PARDUS Migration, Maintenance and Maintenance Service of the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of National Defense and HAVELSAN A.Ş. Use of domestic and national software systems between,
  • It determines the procedures and principles of working together and cooperating on e-Transformation, e-government applications, R&D, information and communication technologies.

In the Ministry of National Defense, PARDUS and open source operating systems have been used in the terminal server architecture in the internal network since 2009. PARDUS Migration Project has been initiated to modernize the relevant architecture and enable computers not using PARDUS Operating System to use PARDUS operating system. With this project, in addition to the PARDUS system used since 2009, approximately 10.000 computers will be migrated to PARDUS.

In the PARDUS Migration Project, open source operating systems will be used in the data center and within the scope of the project, HAVELSAN; PARDUS update, dissemination and updating of server systems and cyber security services will be provided. As a result of this project, only central management will be provided and all systems will be updated.

The project will last for 3 years, and all devices to be used by the client will be used with the PARDUS Enterprise Edition. Desktop Virtualization Environment (VDI) images to be used in clients will be prepared within the scope of this project. In order to manage the relevant PARDUS machines, the Port Center Management System (MYS) software, whose version 19 was announced on May 2020, 1.0, will be used. With this software, PARDUS and GNU / Linux based clients and servers will be managed remotely.

Heads of Departments Suat İSKENDER, Adem EYLENCE, Tuncay KİBAR, Barış Egemen ÖZKAN, Ali BARLES and National Defense Expert Ahmet FARFAR on behalf of the Ministry of National Defense, and Ömer Özkan, Vice General Manager of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on behalf of HAVELSAN, ICT Programs Director Karaca Demirbağ, BİT Business Development Director Çağlayan Karapınar, ICT R&D and Engineering Director Serkan Gümrükçüoğlu, ICT MSB Modernization Project Manager Elvan Cahit Şahin also participated.

Source: defenceturk

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