Extreme E Introductory Meeting Held Online

Extreme e promotional meeting was held online
Extreme e promotional meeting was held online

Introductory meeting of Extreme E, which aims to draw the world's attention to climate change under the sponsorship of Continental, was held online.

The event, which was followed live on social media platforms, showed great interest. Continental has started to produce special purpose tires for the E off-road, which will start in the Senegal Lac Rose in the spring of 2021.

The countdown has begun for Extreme E, which aims to draw the world's attention to climate change under the sponsorship of Continental. The introductory meeting of the new Extreme E cross-country races series, which was organized to encourage more efforts to keep global warming within 1,5 ° C, was held online. The event, which was watched live on social media platforms, received more than 42 views, including media, sponsors and fans from 222.000 countries. Viewers from all over the world have the chance to get the first impressions of the new season calendar by watching the vehicles of each of the nine teams in virtual environment. caught.

"We got more than 1,2 million social media views"

Making a specific statement on the subject, Extreme E Marketing President Ali Russell said, “This year's event will be held without an audience due to the agenda we are on. That's why the virtual launch of the series provided a great opportunity for fans, media, racing teams and partners to attend the event without having to leave their homes and offices. We are also very happy to receive over 1,2 million social media views at the virtual launch. Obviously, this situation, which arises from the global conditions we are in, is completely in line with our long-term sustainability philosophy aimed at minimizing our carbon footprint ”.

“The growing interest in Extreme E zamit shows that it fits very well "

Sandra Roslan, responsible for Continental's Extreme E project, said: “The excitement builds as the preparations take their final shape. As the Founding Partner of Extreme E races and the sole tire supplier, the growing interest in Extreme E is zamshows that it fits very well. Same zamWe also created an opportunity to win the hearts and minds of many people, with a responsible approach to a sustainable world at the moment. The gradual increase of this awareness, which we started by drawing attention to climate change with Extreme E, makes Continental proud and happy. We are also delighted that a big name like Nico Rosberg has joined Continental's team as the Founding Partner and main sponsor of the racing series. Nico Rosberg is not just a great champion racing driver; He is a very special partner for this series with what he does off the racetrack. ''

Daniel Bailey, co-founder of the Extreme E Veloce Racing team, said that the online launch was a great success and continued his words as follows; “Given the challenging climatic conditions the entire world is currently facing, virtual events offer an interesting, sustainable and realistic alternative to physical events. As a physical racing team born from the e-sports team, our digital networks receive an average of 120 million views per month. By collaborating with some of our channels, we were able to broadcast this launch live and create different additional content that interacts with our traditional e-sports audiences. " said.

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