World's Most Popular Formula 1 Races

Formula 1 ™, one of the most prestigious races of motor sports with millions of spectators all over the world, will take place at Intercity Istanbul Park after an interval of 9 years.

Many countries from 1 different continents are hosting the Formula 5 races, which were decided to be organized without an audience due to the current agenda. This year, 100 thousand people are expected to follow the race at Intercity Istanbul Park on live broadcasts. Turkey Tourism Site, they have compiled the world's most popular Formula 1 track for you.

The world's most watched motor sport, Formula 1, nine years later, again in Turkey. The race, which was decided to be held without an audience due to the pandemic, is short. Formula 14 DHL Turkish Grand Prix 1, the 2020th race of the season, will be held at Intercity Istanbul Park on November 13-14-15. Many countries from 1 different continents host the Formula 5 races. Turkey Tourism Site you re audience the most popular Formula 1 track in the world you want to go when I say welcome to you.

Turkey Grand Prix - Istanbul Park

Istanbul Park track is one of the tracks that excite F1 pilots. The reputation of Turn 2005 on the track, where the first race was held in 8, is known to all F1 lovers. This bend is challenging for pilots due to its length and high G-force exposure. This track also has a feature that is rare in the history of car racing. Unlike other tracks, here the vehicles move in the opposite direction.

Monaco Grand Prix - Circuit de Monaco

The Monaco circuit, which has remained the same since it entered the F1950 list in 1, is formed by closing the narrow streets of the city to traffic. Almost every pilot's dream is to take the podium here. Due to its location on the coastline and in the city in Monaco, you can see those who follow the race from the boats and their homes. Most bends in Monaco make it impossible to pass. In addition, narrow roads cause vehicles to go much slower than they should be. So much so that the speed of the vehicles can drop up to 50 km.

British Grand Prix - Silverstone

Silverstone, the track where the first Formula 1 race in history was held, has a special place for teams. The weekends that race on this track are like a festival. Unlike Monaco, transitions and ranking changes are common here. Silverstone has almost all the technical features of a racetrack at the same time. These features make it more enjoyable to watch the race here. At the weekend of the British Grand Prix, all teams are normal to the weather. zamthey have to pay more attention than the moment.

Italian Grand Prix - Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

One of the longest Formula 1 circuits, Monza is located 20 km above Milan. The first race was held in 1921 in Monza, one of the oldest tracks organized by motor sports events. The track, which was competed every year except for the renovation in 1980, is known as the "temple" of the legendary Ferrari team. That's why Ferrari pilots' podiums are celebrated with great enthusiasm. In addition, this place has been recorded as the fastest track. Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes broke the record for fastest lap in F2020 history in the race held in 1.

Belgian Grand Prix - Spa-Francorchamps

Spa-Francorchamps, Formula 1's longest track, is known as the place where the most exciting races take place. The first race on the track in Stavalot, Walloon Region was held in 1925. The shape and technical features of Spa, one of the oldest tracks, have been changed and improved over the years. Pilots can show their full skills in races on the track where take-off speed is important. Especially “Eau Rouge” is both the most crucial corner and the most influencing corner. This place is seen as the most important and iconic corner in motorsport.

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