Cold Chain and Preservation Move for Covid-19 Vaccine

We welcome the fact that the Covid-19 vaccine, which is the agenda of the whole world, has reached the final stage in the difficult process we are experiencing.

We share with you that cold chain distribution and preservation of the vital Covid-86 vaccine is possible with our completely domestic and national brand COOLERMED minus 19 Ultra Deep Freezer, without any need for external resources.

ÖZTAŞ DEMİR ÇELİK İnşaat Metal Mamulleri Makina Ticaret Sanayi A.Ş., which started its activities in Manisa in 1980 with the vision of continuous development and growth. As of 2016

Started to produce coolers for the healthcare industry with the COOLERMED brand.

In 2019, Manisa Celal Bayar University created a family of domestic and national ultra deep freezers with an innovation team of 14 in R&D Laboratories in the technology development center (Technopolis). One of the most ambitious models of this family is minus 86 ultra deep freezers.

The minus 86 ultra deep freezers used in areas such as stem cell, in vitro fertilization, plasma products and blood banking in medicine have completed the sample production process by the end of 2020. COOLERMED minus 86 ultra deep freezers have the capacity to produce 15.000 pieces per year. It will be possible to establish vaccine stations at many points with COOLERMED LWF19, which makes it possible to preserve the Covid-670 vaccine, which will be an important turning point in human history.

LWF 670 has a shelf cooling system that provides a much more efficient cooling performance compared to the conventional cooling system. Products are cooled directly from the shelf by heat transfer. The extra doors inside the cabinet door ensure that only the required shelf cover is opened when the cabinet is opened, and other shelves do not suffer heat loss.

Thanks to its special door handle design and double gasket system, it provides maximum sealing and the optionally offered carbon dioxide supply unit ensures that the products maintain a safer cold temperature for a while in any power failure, and keeps the data for 72 hours. Temperature changes are monitored by providing remote access to minus 86 ultra deep freezers via wi-fi. Thanks to its special software, data can be accessed with its printer and mobile communication.

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