The Cause of Finger-Tip Walking in Children Should Be Investigated

Fingertip walking is quite common in children who are just starting to walk. However, if this situation continues for a long time, it invites many health problems.

Underlining that the child should switch to normal walking pattern until the age of two at the latest, Romatem Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital Pediatric Physiotherapist Şehnaz Yüce, “Fingertip walking disrupts the proper body posture, stiffness and shortening of some muscles, while uzamleads to a and weakening. Since the front region of the foot carries all the weight of the body, this area expands and the joint structures are disrupted. Due to these problems in the foot, ankle, knee, hip and spine zamPain begins to occur within the moment. Therefore, early intervention is of great importance as a result of the family's good observation of the child ”.

While every parent eagerly awaits their children to walk, they can ignore some points. While most children begin to walk with their feet flat on the ground when they are 12 to 14 months old, some babies take their first steps by walking only by keeping the toes touching the ground without touching the soles and heels of the ground. Finger tip walking normally should disappear within three to six months after learning to walk, but if it takes a long time, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

The Cause of Finger Tip Walking Should Be Investigated

Romatem Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital Pediatric Physiotherapist Şehnaz Yüce said, “If the child walks on the toes, the reason should be investigated. During pregnancy, muscle shortness may occur due to the position of the baby, due to a genetic problem, muscle shortness may have occurred during pregnancy. If a neurological problem occurs due to or after preterm birth, it may cause fingertip pressure. Putting the child on a walker before or during the walking stage can also trigger fingertip walking. Same zamAutism and mental problems can also improve this situation, ”he said.

Early Intervention is of Great Importance

Yüce continued his words as follows: “After finding the cause of the problem, a treatment program is created depending on the diagnosis. Positioning, stretching exercises, shoes, orthoses can be used. If these treatment methods are not sufficient, muscle lengthening operations can be performed by considering a surgical solution. If the problem is neurological, there may be botox applications before surgical interventions. Early diagnosis is of great importance. Families often think about this problem temporarily. "

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