Lexus Signs a First to Make Customers' Lives Easier

Lexus Signs a First to Make Customers' Lives Easier
Lexus Signs a First to Make Customers' Lives Easier

Premium automaker Lexus has broken another first in making life easier for its customers.

Combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology in car Lexus has commissioned the first WhatsApp artificial intelligence chatbot with the employees of the automotive sector in Turkey. Thus, users are zamThanks to the WhatsApp application, they will be able to communicate with Lexus 7/24 without interruption.

From this channel, customers can receive support on many different issues such as detailed information about Lexus models, technical specifications of the vehicles, Lexus Showroom information, Lexus' after-sales services, Used Lexus models, and if they wish, they can connect to Live Support and continue their conversations with Lexus Consultants.

By registering the Lexus number +905352529090, users can zamAt the moment, they can communicate with the WhatsApp application in writing or by sending emojis. outstanding experience as the first automotive chatbot line running through WhatsApp in Turkey, in accordance with each of the customers to the Japanese philosophy of hospitality Omotenash zamallows him to communicate comfortably at the moment.

Lexus Turkey has developed WhatsApp Experience Line leading technology with Jetlink cooperation of the company, thanks to the artificial intelligence with learning new information, does not forget any information and thus when moving further advance the user experience, they are written by the user with natural language processing and emoji understand and respond can give.

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