New Hope in Addiction Treatment: 'Injection Therapy'

The decrease in used car prices continues
The decrease in used car prices continues

Addiction not only negatively affects one's physical health, but the same zamIt is a biopsychosocial disease that now causes significant social, mental and economic effects. It is known that the number of addicted individuals is increasing day by day in our country as well as all over the world. For this reason, the treatment methods used in the solution of his addiction are very important.

the first remembered for his work against addiction in Turkey on the issue Moodist Hospital Addiction Center Director Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology Dr. Kültegin Ögel gave information about current treatment methods.

Ögel stated that it is important that the treatment programs used in addiction are differentiated according to the needs of the individual and that they are specific to the individual.

New Treatment Method: Injection Therapy

A “chip” wind has blown in addiction treatment in recent years. The drug, which is called "chip" among the people and called "implant" in the scientific world, had an important place in preventing the recurrence of addiction. When the person used drugs such as heroin, he was not affected by these substances with the chip insertion and thus the person did not return to addiction.

However, a new drug known as "injection" with an active ingredient called Nalmefen, which we see as more advantageous than chip, came to our country. This drug prevents the person from returning to addiction by not acting when drugs enter the body, just like the chip.

Nalmefene is an effective treatment method to reduce cravings for alcohol use. Especially, it is known that the frequency of alcohol reuse after detoxification treatment is common among alcohol addicts. However, patients can stay clean for a long time with Nalmefene (depot injection therapy). Therefore, "Nalmefene injection" is a very important development.

Eliminates the Disadvantages of the Chip

The biggest advantage of the injection is that it does not need to be placed under the skin like chips. While a minor surgery is required to install the chip, this drug is not required. One injection is enough.

Same zamAt the moment, while there are problems such as inflammation and delay in wound healing in the operations performed for the chip, these problems are not experienced in the injection. There are no scars on the patient's body. There is no need for antibiotics and similar preventive drugs.

Its effect lasts for 3 months

This drug is actually a drug that we know is effective for years. The new thing is that an injection form is produced. This medicine stays in the body for 3 months when injected. An injection is given once and its effect continues for 3 months.

Results Can Be Achieved in Different Addictions

Nalmefene Consta depot injection therapy is an opioid (heroin, codeine, buprenorphine, etc.) blocking drug. Nalmefene Consta blocks the receptors that opioid substances bind to act on the brain, thus inhibiting the pleasurable effects of the substance.

Nalmefene is also an approved drug for people with alcohol dependence who do not have physical withdrawal symptoms and do not need urgent detoxification. Nalmefene affects the release of donors in the brain to help reduce the urge to drink alcohol, thus reducing the amount of alcohol intake for alcohol addicts. Drug therapy must be combined with a biopsychosocial approach designed specifically to improve adherence. For example, it is used in conjunction with family counseling or psychotherapy.

This drug, which is licensed in European countries and in our country, has an important place in the treatment of addiction. But as with all medicines, the medicine is right zamIt is effective when used at the right time and in the right place. For this reason, it should not be used without the recommendation of an addiction specialist.

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