ASELSAN's National Camera Marks CATS, National SİHA Shoots With MAM-L

Turkey's National Technology Breakthrough was thrown another important step in the mobilization. Bayraktar TB2 SİHA (Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), which was developed nationally and uniquely by Baykar, successfully performed its first test firing with the electro-optical reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system CATS developed by Aselsan.

Bayraktar TB2, CATS and MAM-L

Turkey's national sihai TB2 Bayraktar, the ongoing integration work Aselsan CATS electro-optical reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system threw yesterday signed an important test. Taking off from the Baykar Flight and Training Center with MAM-L (Mini Intelligent Ammunition) lifeless ammunition developed by Roketsan on its wings, Bayraktar TB2 successfully shot with laser targeting made by the national camera system CATS.

Long Shot With Laser Targeting

MAM-L with a laser seeker head fired from Bayraktar TB2, hit the target placed on the Target Island in Saros Bay with laser marking made by CATS at high altitude and long range. As part of the test flights, CATS's features of locking and tracking high-speed targets were tested. The national camera system successfully passed all tests. There is also the message "National Technology Move" in the user interface of CATS.

Power Union of Aselsan, Baykar and Roketsan!

Baykar Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar and Aselsan Chairman and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün also attended. A brief summary of the integration studies carried out with the cooperation of the important companies of the Turkish defense industry, Aselsan, Baykar and Roketsan. zamslated to be completed soon.

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