Where to Apply for Building Damage Assessment in Izmir?


If you want to have your buildings damaged in the 30.10.2020 Izmir Earthquake and which you suspect to be damaged, you can apply to the following institutions.

1- Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Alo 181 Line

2- Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 444 40 35 Citizen Communication Center

3- İzmir Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization Switchboard - 0232 341 6800

4- Bayraklı Damage assessment application desks established in Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and district governorships

In addition, those with DASK Earthquake Insurance can get information by calling Alo 125 in order to open a file and make damage assessment based on payment.

Those who want to find out if damage has been detected in their buildings and houses, and if so, the result. damagetespit.csb.gov.tr They can make inquiries with their TR Identity Number or address information.

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