Hyundai's New SUV Model Bayon

hyundai will produce new suv model name bayon
hyundai will produce new suv model name bayon

Hyundai Motor Company announced the name of the new crossover SUV model as Hyundai Bayon. Bayon, which will enter Europe in the first half of 2021, is a completely new model.

“We already have a strong presence in the European SUV market in terms of our model range and sales success,” said Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing and Product, Hyundai Europe. In addition, we want to meet the demands of our European customers even better by adding another model to the B-SUV segment. "We see this new model as a great opportunity to increase our presence in the hugely popular B-SUV segment."

The name Bayon was inspired by the city of Bayonne in the southwest of France. Since Hyundai manufactured Bayon for Europe, it decided to take its name from a European city. Located between the Atlantic coast and the Pyrenees Mountains, this French town is perfectly suited to the character of the new model. It is also known as a great place for those who love activities such as sailing and hiking.

Preferring the world's most popular city and town names for all SUV models produced in the last 20 years, Hyundai does not break this rule in Bayon. KONA, which was included in the B-SUV segment three years ago and takes its name from the Kona region on the big island of Hawaii, are also the most well-known models, such as Tucson and Santa Fe, which are named after cities in the states of Arizona and New Mexico. In addition, the hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle NEXO takes its name from Nexø, one of the largest towns of Denmark's popular holiday island Bornholm. Hyundai Bayon will become the brand's latest SUV member in Europe, joining Kona, Tucson, NEXO and Santa Fe, and will begin production in the first half of 2021.

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