What is the EYBİS System, How to Become a Member? Where to Buy EYBİS Tickets? EYBİS Ticket Types

What is the EYBİS System, How to Become a Member? Where to Buy EYBİS Tickets? EYBİS Ticket Types Valid for tickets of high speed train and main line trains EYBIS Electronic Passenger Ticket SystemWays to follow to get ni.

How to become a member of the EYBİS System?

If you use the services provided by TCDD, we recommend you to be a member of EYBIS. We would like to explain here the steps you need to follow to become a member of this ticket system which allows you to get it easily from the electronic environment.

It is very easy to buy the EYBİS ticket, which is called an electronic ticket, on the internet. Being a member of EYBİS through the TCDD website provides ease of use to the user. EYBİS membership You can take action on TCDD official website. You can do this by entering the EYBİS menu at the top of the TCDD site. To become a member, you must click on the Member Login button. In the section that opens, after clicking the membership button, you need to fill in the opened form without skipping the mandatory fields. For Individual or Corporate memberships, you should select the option at the top right. The mandatory fields you need to fill are as follows. (For Individual Memberships) E-Mail Address Password TC. Identity Number, Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Gender, Mobile Phone are the required fields that you need to fill.

In fact, make sure that the e-mail address and mobile phone number you will use is the information you use. In this way, the tickets you have bought will be sent to you electronically and you will have the chance to travel with your tickets.

Where to Buy EYBİS Tickets?

There are many different ways to get EYBIS ticket system used in TCDD Transport services. You can travel by TCDD points, PTT branches or customer service via the internet. Electronic ticket Receive EYBIS ticket You have the opportunity to buy tickets easily via the internet.

How to Book TCDD Tickets?

You want to travel with TCDD zamYou have the opportunity to make a reservation in advance for the tickets you will buy immediately. So you want to make a reservation zamBy making a reservation at many points, you will have the pleasure of buying tickets. You have the opportunity to book tickets using internet services, mobile applications, customer service or through places that have an agreement with TCDD.

EYBİS Ticket Types

Another issue that those who want to use High Speed ​​Train - YHT are curious about is the ticket types for the EYBİS - Electronic Passenger Ticket Sales-Reservation System. The noteworthy ticket type from TCDD Electronic ticket application is actually the open ticket application. EYBIS open ticket application offers more affordable prices. EYBİS open ticket application offers the opportunity to travel with 50% discount and zamoffers the advantage of being used at the moment. EYBİS flexible ticket application is 20 percent more expensive than open tickets. TCDD Elektronik offers the opportunity to change and refund 3 times in its flexible ticket application. By refunding the EYBIS flexible ticket, the paid ticket fee can be refunded.

How to Apply Passolig

Note that the ticket type, called flexible ticket, is 20% more expensive than other ticket types. However, this ticket type has been changed 3 times and the same zamLet us also point out that it is possible to return it immediately. If you buy this ticket, zamYou can get your money back instantly by returning the ticket.


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