International Aesthetic Dentistry Congress To Be Held For The First Time In Digital Media

The International Aesthetic Dentistry Congress, in which the Association of Aesthetic Dentistry Academy (EDAD) brings together expert aesthetic dentists, will be held digitally on October 23-24-25 this year.

EDAD, which has taken the mission of bringing the developments in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry to its colleagues at the same time with the world since its establishment, organizes many scientific organizations as well as the International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry every year. 24 s congress to be held this year, which has the distinction of being the first digital congress held in Dentistry in Turkey.

At the congress, where scientists such as Daniel Edelhoff, Florin Cofar, Thiago Ottobani, Camillo D'arcangelo, Howard Gluckman, who are experts in the fields of prosthetics, surgery, digital dentistry, occlusion, restorative dentistry and implantology, will participate as speakers, satellite symposiums of industrial companies, digital posters, In addition to many activities such as panels, oral presentations and workshops, there are also special events where participants can meet face to face on the digital platform with many companies serving in different fields of dentistry. In addition, the congress has credits from the Turkish Dental Association.

With regard to the digital congress, where the participants will learn about the latest materials, techniques and tips on Aesthetic Dentistry, EDAD Chairman Dt. Kübel İltan Özkut made a statement: “EDAD has been one of the leading academies of the sector both nationally and internationally with the scientific organizations it has organized on Aesthetic Dentistry for 24 years. In line with the conditions brought to us by the current situation, we decided to digitally realize the International Aesthetic Dentistry Congress, which we will organize this year for the 24th time. With the richness of its content, we aim to make the participants experience a traditional congress experience digitally. In this congress, we aim to keep our passion for our profession alive by bringing together industry companies and participants in live sessions. "

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