Turkey's first pharmaceutical company Menarini Ibrahim Etem on Senior Appointments


Turkey's first pharmaceutical company Ibrahim Etem - Since Menarini in 2017, Human Resources, who served as Director Melis Aslanağı, was appointed Turkey as well as the Middle East and Africa region at an international task senior taking responsibility. Operating with more than 140 employees in 17.600 countries, Italy's largest pharmaceutical company in the Middle East and Africa regions together with Menarini realized that the organizational structure was connected to Turkey. Henceforth Menarini Turkey, Middle East and Africa Region, will serve as Director of Human Resources Melis Aslanağı will be responsible for managing all human resources operations.

3 will assume responsibility for the 36 countries on the continent and Menarini Turkey, Middle East and Africa Region voicing hear the excitement to be served as Human Resources Director Melis Aslanağı, "Ibrahim Etem - as Menarini will create value to our company through our people-oriented operating strategies are continuing to improve. I think we have achieved this success by keeping our value for people approach at the center of all our processes. Realized in Turkey now find this successful work is also very gratifying chance to move to new areas. With the new assignment, we will continue to create value for the three regions with our team. " said.

Melis Aslanağı completed her undergraduate education at Boğaziçi University Psychology Department and her master's degree in Organizational Psychology Department of New York University. zamcurrently holds Senior Gestalt Executive Coaching and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching certificates. Having started his business life in 1996 for the first time, Aslanağı has been working in human resources management, leadership development, coaching, organizational structuring, change management, talent management, employee loyalty and cross-functions for more than 20 years in different sectors such as consumer durables, service, telecom, medicine and financial services. He took part in many active roles in the fields of internal communication management, including middle and senior management. Aslanağı Melis, Ibrahim Etem - Menarini family joined in 2017 as Director of Human Resources in Turkey.

Melis Aslanağı Menarini since September this assignment with Turkey, has assumed the position of Director of Human Resources Middle East and Africa region.

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