Turkish Defense Industry Is Growing Increasingly in Maritime

Cenk İsmail Kaptanoğlu, Chairman of Kaptanoğlu-Desan Shipyard, one of the biggest shipyards in Turkey, made important statements about the Turkish maritime sector. Stating that there are 2019 Turkish companies in the list of the world's largest hundred defense industry companies in 7, Cenk İsmail Kaptanoğlu stated that this number will increase if the investments and the trend continue. Pointing out that more than 3 billion dollars of projects have been realized in the defense industry, on the maritime side, Kaptanoğlu underlined that this figure will reach 12 billion dollars with the ongoing and future projects. zamHe stated that at the same time, Turkey will become one of the major exporting countries.

Kaptanoğlu Desan Shipyard, which has achieved an important project in the defense industry by achieving a 71 percent localization rate in the Emergency Response and Diving Training Boats delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces, is preparing to open up to the world with new projects. Cenk İsmail Kaptanoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kaptanoğlu-Desan Shipyard, made important statements about the Turkish defense industry in the television program he attended, and drew attention to domesticity and export.


Turkey's defense industry beginning in the 2000s, 20 percent reported that they Kaptanoğlu Ismail Cenk production with nativism, "which we have delivered to our Navy and Emergency Response Training have reached the 71 percent local content with diving boots. Now, after this successful project, we are working for the export of this and similar ships. In 2019, we had 100 companies in the world's top 7 defense industry companies. If the trend continues like this, this number will be much higher. The size of the projects realized on the maritime side of the defense industry so far has exceeded 3 billion dollars. This size will reach 12 billion dollars with ongoing and future projects. " said.


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Presidency of Defense Industries zamCenk İsmail Kaptanoğlu, expressing that he always supports and encourages the sector players, said, “The fact that our own army prefers domestic production makes it easier for our sector to export. In all the fairs we attend, the officials of the countries we meet ask us whether the Turkish Naval Forces use these products. Success will come on the export side, after we have done the tried projects for our own Navy. For this reason, our shipyards that have completed their projects have a higher success rate in exports.” used the phrases.


Stating that Turkish shipyards work on a project-based and need-oriented basis, Kaptanoğlu said, “Turkish shipyards produce special ships, especially those preferred by the European market, with high quality and zamThey are the only shipyards that can produce instantly. The shipyards of China, South Korea and Japan, which are the top 3 largest manufacturers of the sector, operate just like a garment workshop. In these countries, you choose to ship over the catalog and cannot make changes. But Turkish shipyard is like a tailor who does tailoring. Therefore, the address of qualified projects is generally Turkey. For example, the Norwegian private sector has its ferry-type private ships that carry almost all passengers and vehicles built in Turkish shipyards.” he said.

According to the information given in 2019 Kaptanoglu Ismail Cenk, Turkey has managed to exceed 1 billion US dollars in exports of civilian ships and yachts.


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