Turkish UAV Engines of Canadian Producing Company embargo on Turkey


Canadian Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), which manufactures the engines of Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), announced that exports to "countries with uncertain use" have been suspended.

According to the news on the Euronews, for use in Turkey's conflict with Azerbaijan after Armenia is claimed that the Canadian government gave UAV Turkey and warned that such a step could be taken.

Quebec-based company officials announced that they learned last week that the engines made by contract manufacturers called Rotax in Austria were used in Turkish Bayraktar TB2 UAVs and that they made a decision regarding this.

"Our engines are certified for civilian use only"

Martin Langelier, the company's vice president and spokesperson, told Radio International Canada in a written statement:

“We were informed that the parts we produced recently were used in military technologies and immediately started an investigation on the issue. During this period, we suspend our sales to countries where it is not clear where and how our parts are used. All of our aircraft engines manufactured by Rotax are produced entirely for civilian purposes and certified for civilian use only.

There is a legislation gap

However, a license for military use of engines is required when imported from Canada, but not from Austria.

The Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Gabriele Juen said in a statement on the subject that the Rotax engines should only be 'intended for civilian use', but added:

“There are no drone engines in the European Union Control List of Dual Use Items for dual use items. Therefore, there is no permission from Austria to be used in defense vehicles. "

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