Mersin Metro is Europe's Third Biggest Investment

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer continued his neighborhood visits with Toroslar District, which he makes every weekend. Mayor Seçer also met with the citizens of Çukurova, Çavuşlu, Yusuf Kılıç and Mithat Toroğlu Neighborhoods, and made examinations in Rıfat Uslu Street, which has been put into service as a double road by the Metropolitan Municipality and the expropriation problem has been resolved for years. President Seçer said that the first step was taken for the Metro tender and that the multi-level intersection works will begin next week. Stating that their first service was to bring peace to Mersin when they took office, Seçer emphasized that great services will now begin in Mersin.

CHP Mersin Deputies Alpay Antmen and Cengiz Gökçel, CHP Mersin Provincial Chair Adil Aktay, CHP Toroslar District President Burhanettin Erdoğan, municipal council members and bureaucrats and headmen accompanied Mayor Seçer during his neighborhood visits. Mayor Seçer started his program by meeting with the residents of Çukurova and Çavuşlu Neighborhoods.

"The biggest tender made by a municipality in this region in the history of the Republic"

President Seçer, talking about the Rail System Project for which the pre-qualification tender was held, said, “Currently, the third biggest investment in Europe is Mersin metro. We are constructing the future, we are revealing the vision of the future ”. Seçer stated that the project is a good investment for Mersin and they expect it to create employment for nearly 2 thousand unemployed people living in Mersin.

Emphasizing that they will bring Mersin to a very good point in the future, Mayor Seçer said, “We made the first leg of the Metro tender, which they said“ “Not for a long time”. I saw the list, 28 companies participated. The largest investment and tender in the history of the Republic in Mersin. I distinguish between Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir in this region in the history of the Republic, the biggest tender ever held by a municipality in this region until Hatay. 13,4 kilometers underground rail system. 28 kilometers in total. The second stage will also touch here. It will come up to the City Hospital and the new bus station. On the other hand, we have a tram line, the university. 28 kilometers in total. Now we are on the first stage, ”he said.

"If there is such a demand for Mersin for an investment of billions of liras, then it means Mersin is on a good path"

Contracts from Turkey and from around the world indicates that many reputable companies attended the President's choice, "28 companies have entered into 13 partnership. Turkey's largest, most valuable, highest quality, most reliable, Turkish companies doing business in the world and international foreign companies have in them. I said I saw it, that is to say outside the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in Mersin, Turkey and the international perspective Muazzam. For an investment of billions of liras, if Mersin is so popular and so many companies participate, it means Mersin is on the right track. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is also on the right track. These are not novice companies, ”he said.

"Next week, our multi-level intersection productions are starting"

President Seçer, adding that they will start work on multi-level intersections as of next week, said, “If we do not get stuck in a GCC obstacle as of next week, it does not seem like that, our multi-level intersection construction is starting. We start from Forum Interchange for traffic relief. Our 4th ring road works are starting. It is a 1,5-kilometer route. "Our new asphalting and pavement works are starting on many streets that are in our program, such as Gözne Caddesi."

"We are the man of powerful things"

Mayor Seçer stated that the wheel has started to spin in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and they will start big services in Mersin. Emphasizing that they will overcome difficult jobs, Seçer said, “We are a man of strong jobs. We are the man of difficult times. Everyone does the easy job. Go and give to whomever you give, but managing a crisis, accomplishing difficulties, creating out of nothing is not a fee for every father. The people of Mersin chose us for him ”.

Mayor Seçer spoke about the water shortage in the highlands: "The project is over, I signed yesterday."

Mayor Seçer, who said that MESKİ is currently working at 27 points, also touched on the sewage problem in Gözne and the drinking water shortage in the highlands during the summer months. Seçer stated that Gözne will hold a tender towards the end of the month for sewage and treatment problems and that steps will be taken for the project that has been waiting for 10 years.

President Seçer announced that progress was made for the drinking water shortage in the highlands and said, “I made a promise in Ayvagediği. That project is over, I signed yesterday. Currently, MESKI has put out a tender for the second transmission line from Cehennemdere. Hopefully, we will train him until July. We had the warehouse tenders two weeks ago. The construction of the warehouses will start immediately after the tender. We will build new warehouses. "It will now eliminate the water shortage in these regions in Ayvagediği, Gözne, Bekiralani and Kepirli, during the densely populated periods."

"I cry where you are upset"

Mayor Seçer also listened to the demands of the residents of Çukurova and Çavuşlu Neighborhoods. Citizens stated that they had difficulties in finding public transportation that provides direct access to the City Hospital from the region. Seçer announced that they will solve the problem with municipal buses. President Seçer, who listened and resolved many pavement and road requests from Gözne Avenue to 209th Avenue, said, “We came for service. God knows, we left everything aside. Our presence, our den, our night, our day; Mersin, service, municipality, our citizens. I cry where you worry. Where you cry, I fall on the beds of sorrow. I am so devoted to this job ”.

“This was the first service provided by the Metropolitan Municipality; we brought peace to this city "

In the continuation of the program, Mayor Seçer, who visited the tradesmen on Gözne and Kuvayi Milliye Street, also met with the citizens of Yusuf Kılıç and Mithat Toroğlu Neighborhood. President Seçer emphasized that their first service was to bring peace to Mersin when they took office and said:

"Turkey's eastern, northern, southern, central Anatolia, the Aegean, the Mediterranean. Despite everything, we live in brotherhood here. Mersin is also a small Turkey. There are people on all sides of Turkey. But here we also live in brotherhood. This was the first duty, first service of the Metropolitan Municipality; we brought peace to this city. "

One of the chronic problems in Mersin has been solved

President Seçer also made observations on Rıfat Uslu Street. The traffic problem, which has been chronic for years at the intersection of Kuvayi Milliye, Gözne and Rıfat Uslu streets, has come to an end. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality opened the avenue, which has been a victim of the nationalization problem for years, as a double road. Neighborhood residents thanked Mayor Seçer for the work during the investigation.

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