Last Minute: Ankara Kalecik Train Accident - 2 Dead

Two trains collided head-on in Ankara. 2 people died in the accident, according to the first determinations. The loss of life and property in the accident that occurred when the freight train no 10.10.2020, which departed from Kalecik station at 06:25 on 23012, hit the train with no 53507 head on. The accident occurred in Ankara's Kalecik district at the point of incirlik, kilometer 18,00. As the trains collided head-on, locomotives and wagons were overthrown by derailment, and unfortunately, mechanics Hanifi Adem Yüksel and Ömer Baltat became duty martyrs at the scene, while mechanics Mehmet Karaağaç and Murat Özyılmaz were injured.

The event is new and we wish God's mercy to our friends who lost their great lives, our condolences to their families, loved ones and all railway workers, and urgent recovery to the injured mechanics.

Ankara Kalecik Train Accident Photos

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  1. Get well soon, mercy to the martyrs, patience to their families ..

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