Yıldırım-13 Bestler Streams Operation Started in Şırnak-Siirt-Van-Hakkari Provinces

The operation of Yıldırım-13 Bestler Streams was launched in Şırnak-Siirt-Van-Hakkari provinces to eliminate the separatist terror organization's pre-winter movement capability and its search for shelter, to ensure that the organization, whose communication in the country was destroyed, could not achieve this ability again, and to completely end the terrorist presence in the country.

In the said operation, under the direction and administration of the Gendarmerie Public Security Corps Command; 2.512 personnel (161) of which are composed of Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations (JÖH), Police Special Operations (PÖH) and Security Rangers are assigned.

Within the scope of the Lightning Operations, which was launched on 13 July 2020 to eliminate terrorism, a total of 124 terrorists have been neutralized, 53 collaborators have been captured, 190 caves, shelters and warehouses have been destroyed, and many weapons, ammunition, food and living materials have been seized. .

Yıldırım Operations continue with the support of our people in a faithful and determined manner.


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