Santa Farma İlaç Chairman of the Board Erol Ki̇resepi̇ Spoke at the Joint Sharing Forum

Santa Farma İlaç Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman of KIPLAS and President of the International Organization of Employers (IOE) Mr. Erol Kiresepi; "This crisis should be perceived as a warning for all segments to do what is necessary."

President of the International Organization of Employers (IOE) and Deputy Chairman of the Board of KIPLAS Mr. Erol Kiresepi made a speech at the Joint Sharing Forum. Turkey Confederation of Employer Associations (TISK) by the working life of all stakeholders, which aims to create a common voice by bringing together and this year the first Forum held in virtual environments using the possibilities of digital technology was arranged last year.

Within the scope of the forum, Erol Kiresepi, who started his speech by stating that no one could predict the developments on a global scale in the year since the first event, said that the socio-economic crisis we are experiencing has caused a decrease in employment by 17,3% and Covid-19 is a humanitarian disaster at this point. stated that it has become.

Emphasizing that the Covid-19 pandemic can be regarded as a milestone, IOE President stated that this crisis has made social dialogue an "indispensable" part of the agenda, and witnessed the determination of different segments to act in cooperation to the extent that we have not experienced before. noted that we are.

Erol Kiresepi; He emphasized that instead of being content with slogans, it is necessary to be sure to act in accordance with the discourses and emphasized that the crisis should be perceived as a warning for all segments to do the necessary.

"We need to get the world back to work."

Erol Kiresepi, who stated that the main priorities at the current stage are "to orient the world to work again", stated that there is a need for measures such as establishing dynamic, open and inclusive labor markets, improving SMEs' access to credit and supporting skills development, and once again the importance of effective and sustainable social protection systems. stated that it is more understood.

Emphasizing that the exit from the crisis in the face of Covid-19, which is a real global problem, depends on the strong participation of the social partners, Kiresepi said that the consistency of the policy and the effectiveness of the implementation can be achieved with the active participation of the social partners. zamHe underlined that it should not be forgotten that it also created opportunities.

Stating that according to the researches, the trust of the employees in the employers is increasing and emphasizing that the employers should be worthy of this trust, Kiresepi concluded his speech by stating that it is necessary to adhere to the precautions cautiously during the pandemic period that requires everyone to take too much responsibility.

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