The Leader of the Automotive Market is Fiat

The Leader of the Automotive Market is Fiat
The Leader of the Automotive Market is Fiat

Leading the automotive market in 2019, Fiat maintains its leadership in the market with 2020 units sold at the end of the first 9 months of 87.

Fiat sold 17 automobiles and light commercial vehicles in September, accounting for 290 percent of the total automotive market of 90 units. The last 619 years, Turkey's most preferred model, the Fiat Egea, sedans in the compact class, also in 19 separate categories of the hatchback and station wagon body options class was the most preferred model.

Being the market leader in 2019, Fiat continues its leadership by increasing its market share in 2020. In the automobile and light commercial vehicle market in September, which grew by 116 percent compared to last year and reached 90 units, Fiat brand managed to increase its sales by 619 percent and sold 182 automobiles and light commercial vehicles. The Fiat brand increased its market share by 17 points compared to the previous year to 290 percent, with a sales performance of 9 units reached in the 87 months of this year. 266 years, Turkey's most preferred models that Egea Sedan sales units in September, while 2,5 to 17,7 thousand units, while nine-month sales of all models Egea amounted to 5 thousand 10 units.

Evaluating the September results and the performance of the brand in 2020, Fiat Brand Director Altan Aytaç said, “As the Fiat brand, we are pleased to be the leader in the automobile and light commercial vehicles market by increasing our market share both in September and in the year total. Pandemic period last year increased by more stable sales performance of our ongoing since last 4 months, and was one every 5 vehicles from Fiat sold in Turkey, "he said.

Interest in Egea Models Grows A Little More Every Day!

Emphasizing that the Fiat brand alone accounted for 19 percent of the total automotive market in September alone, Aytaç said, “In the success of the Fiat brand, in October 2015, a good car is the same zamCurrently it must be reached "with the idea that we offer for sale and a full 5 years, Turkey's most preferred models of the Fiat family influence Egea's high performance is too large. Egea, the masterpiece of Tofaş, zamIt is also an important reflection of Tofaş R&D's product development competence. As of 2020 months of 9, more than 50 thousand units of the Egea Sedan model, which is the game-changer model of the compact sedan class, were sold, and a total of 56, including our Egea Hatchback and Station Wagon models, each of which are the most preferred cars of its class and where interest is increasing day by day. We reached a sales volume of 558 units. Our Egea model family has achieved a sales success of more than 240 thousand units since its launch. This result, everyone working in the Fiat brand; Tofaş is an important success of a very large team starting from R&D to production, supply chain and our dealer organization ”.

50 percent of Turkey's market that consists of domestic production models in September, Fiat brand sales again Aytac attention composed of local models produced at the Tofas 95 percent, "Fiat Egea's auto market success as the order in which the Fiat Professional models in the performance of the brand is very important It has a contribution. With our Doblo, Fiorino and Ducato models, we increased our share in the light commercial vehicle market by about 8 points compared to last year, to 28,5 percent. With Fiat Doblo and Fiorino, the leading models of their class for many years, we have succeeded in becoming the most preferred brand in the minivan segment. " he spoke.

Pointing out that the whole world and our country are also going through a difficult process during the pandemic period, Altan Aytaç said, “In this difficult period, as the Fiat brand, we create value for our customers with our models suitable for different demands, our accessibility and sales and after-sales solutions we have developed in accordance with the needs of this period. zamWe are trying to be with them at the moment. In this context, we launched new versions of the Fiat My Companion Connect application, which grows with our "Video Call" and "Online Sales" systems and new services that connect the vehicle and driver with remote connectivity technology and create value. In this challenging period, we thank the Fiat dealer organization, which played an important role in the success of the Fiat brand, and all our customers who preferred the products and services of the Fiat brand.

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