OTOKAR Completed TULPAR Armored Combat Vehicle Firing Tests

OTOKAR shared the new test images of the Tulpar armored combat vehicle (ZMA) on its YouTube channel.

The company shared the following statement about the tests carried out in Şereflikohisar: "Our TULPAR Armored Combat Vehicle, which allows the integration of manned or unmanned weapon systems, mortar and air defense systems with its modular structure, successfully completed the firing tests in Şereflikoçhisar."

No detailed explanation has yet been received from Otokar regarding the tests. However, in the images, it can be seen that small cosmetic changes were made in Tulpar.

While it is not disclosed with which gun turret the vehicle performed tests, it is estimated that according to the images, it was fired with a 25 or 30 mm gun system.

TULPAR has been designed as a multi-purpose tracked vehicle with the potential to expand between 28000 kg and 45000 kg, which can meet the requirements that may arise in the future. The modular design approach enables the use of common body structure and common subsystems for different configurations.

Developed to operate in many different configurations from light tanks to mortars, reconnaissance vehicles to maintenance vehicles, TULPAR is an important player in the modern battlefield.

Source: defenceturk

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