Who is Nebahat Çehre?

Hilal Nebahat Çehre (born 15 March 1944, Samsun) is a Turkish actress, singer and model.

Nebahat Çehre was born in Samsun to a family of four children. Çehre, the only daughter of the family, is of Laz origin on the mother's side and Georgian origin on the father's side. Five years old, his family migrated to Istanbul Face, 15 years old "Nice to Turkey" is selected, and in 1961, on a proposal from fotomodellik modeling when he had his first cinema film experience with Wild Rose. In 1964, he met Yılmaz Güney and took part in the movie Kamalı Zeybek, and Çehre married Yılmaz Güney on January 30, 1967, in his own words, “Yılmaz Güney's contribution in gaining a perspective on every subject, from country affairs to life perspective. SHE IS zamMoments, the young girl whose feet are not on the ground, that is, I learned the seriousness of the job from Yılmaz ”and stated that Güney learned a lot from his experiences. Çehre, who was away from the cinema for a while, appeared in front of the camera again when she got divorced from Güney. Çehre, who was a singer by appearing on the stage in the rush of sex movies that started in the 70s, took a break from her stage life after her second marriage, and took part in television series after leaving her second wife. Çehre also has a song named "Büklüm Büklüm". Çehre said for the song, composed by Sezen Aksu, “In 1980, I performed a song by beloved Sezen Aksu. The album I made and the songs I sang ranked first in the charts. " he said.


Year Movie Role Notes
1961 Wild Rose
1962 Memnu Fruit
The Anonymous
Silver Choker Nilgun
Love Awaits
Bitter life Filiz
Law is Law
Captive Bird
Cute Tramp
1963 Women of Two Nationalities
Flowerless Garden
Powder Keg Only
Us number too
1964 Avanta Kemal
Two Years School Vacation
Beautiful Beach
Matchmakers Camp
Huge man
My king friend
Unforgiving Woman
Kamali Zeybek
Stained Love
Smoke on the Mountain Top
1965 Son of the mountains
I was sworn to gun Zeynep
Daughter of the driver
Sister Trouble
Angel-Faced Villains
The Sound of Weapons Selma
The Hard Boy
The Space Inside Us
Nine Living Men
1966 Broken Lives Gulsen
Return of the Lions
Return of the Lions Alangu
Lonely man
Revenge Storm
The Great Revenge
It was necessary to fight
the Eşrefpaşalılar
Gentle Bandit
Horse woman gun Buyer
The Lion of the Seven Mountains
1967 Calamity Bird
Balatli Arif
Bandit Executed
The Ugly King Does Not Forgive
1968 Piraeus Nuri Hacihusrevli Melahat
Haci Murat is Coming
The Fearless Stranger
Fingerless Salih Nazan
Malkoçoğlu Black Pirate Princess Dominic Elena
The most beautiful love
Red Mask
Beyoglu Monster Fariha
The Bride of the Land
Sayyit Khan
1969 Iron Claw
Zorro's Revenge
Zorro Whipped Cavalry
Zorro's Black Whip
Zorro vs. Female Fantoma
Highland Girl Gül Ayşe
Unfortunate Bride
Dirty Faced Angel
Thorny Life
Iron Claw Spies War
Three Bullets in the Barrel
Crazy Hell
Snake Line Ayfer
Ringo Valleys Tiger
Death Must Be
April Rain
Honor Fedaisi
An Ugly Man
1970 Fatoş Unfortunate Puppy
Unnamed Fighter Altinay
You Will Kill To Live
Awesome Turkish
Sinless Killers
In the shadow of destiny
No Love Like a Mother
In the grip of fate
1971 I'm Coming From Exile
Eagles of Vengeance
Elmacı Woman
1972 No Blood Remzi
Scoundrels Go To Hell Nevin
Traveler of the Same Road Tulin Aydan
1974 Five Chickens One Rooster
1975 Race
1985 The Damaged Youth Aynur
1986 Spot in the Sun
1987 Like Old Lovers
1988 ID
1992 Mihriban from Yedikule
2001 New life Asia Zeren
2002 Snowdrop
2004 – 2006 June night Kumru Aydin
2006 Other Than Heart Nihan Ozum
I Had a Dream Last Night
2008 – 2010 Forbidden Love Firdevs Yoreoglu
2011 – 2012 Magnificent Century Ayse Hafsa Sultan
2013 LOVE Neslihan Vural
2014 Black Money Love Zerrin Denizer
2015 Bloody Hearth Anne
2018 Enemy in My Home Olcay
2020 Call My Manager Itself Guest actor

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