National Helicopter Gökbey Will Fly With Domestic Engine At The End Of The Year


Developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), our local and national brand Gökbey General Purpose Helicopter will start flying with domestic and national engines at the end of the year.

TAI is currently running 4 helicopter programs. Two of them are the modification and production weighted 5-ton T129 Attack Assault and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter and T70 General Purpose Helicopter.

Under this program, 59 helicopters have been delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior so far.

Contracts have been signed with Pakistan for 30 helicopters and 6 helicopters with the Philippines, but an engine export license from the US is expected.

The certification and development test flights of the Gökbey Utility Helicopter, which was designed entirely with domestic and national facilities, continue successfully. Our Gökbey helicopter, which will be tested with a domestic and national engine until the end of this year, will thus be a completely domestic and national helicopter that is not dependent on the outside in terms of any system and has no restrictions. With Gökbey, we will be one of the 6-7 countries in the world that completely design and manufacture a helicopter.

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