Why is Murat 124 Called Haci Murat?

Why is Murat 124 Called Haci Murat?
Why is Murat 124 Called Haci Murat?

Hadji Murat 124 or commonly known among locals Murat, in 1971, Tofaş Bursa factory seated in the Fiat 124 chassis is the first car produced under license foreigners in Turkey.

Murat 124 was manufactured 1971 thousand 1976 between 134-867. Production of the bird series was stopped in 1976 with the start of its production. In 1984, TOFAŞ started to be produced under the name of Serçe, this time it was completely stopped in 1995.

Its 1197 cc engine produces 65 hp and can accelerate the vehicle to 170 km / h.

Murat is an adaptation of the Fiat brand name in Turkey. With this name change, Koç Holding and Fiat were made to emphasize the presentation of a domestic automobile to the Turkish consumer. Fiat has the same name change in Spain. zamIt has also been implemented with its current partner Seat and the Fiat vehicles offered for sale in Spain were sold under the name Seat.

Fiat 124 received the first prize in 1967 in the Car of the Year competition in Europe.

With the SCT (Special Consumption Tax) reduction issued in 2002, Murat 124's on the roads started to decrease, they were collected by the state and their scrapyard was removed. On the other hand, it is possible to find Murat 124s in traffic. Thanks to commercials and movies, interest in Murat 124 started to increase. This triggered the lovers of antique cars and cars, which are called "Hacı Murat" or "Hacı Muro" in society, started to drive into traffic by being modified. Murat 0001, which was first produced and serial number 124, can be seen at TOFAŞ Anatolian Cars Museum in Bursa.

Why is Murat 124 Called Haci Murat?

Although many of the most demanding urban legend about the first car produced under license in Turkey Murat 124 foreign pilgrims came from the nickname of Murat are as follows;

In the 1974s, pilgrimage by car was allowed. Many people went on the pilgrimage with the 124s that they took waiting in line and came. Therefore, the vehicles were also given this nickname. Even, due to the intensity, driving was banned afterwards.

Another rumor is; The term “Hacı” started to be used for the Murat 124's at the end of the 90's, the reason being that it is now an aging model.

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