First Signature for Mamak Metro

First Signature for Mamak Metro; Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, kept his promise to the citizens of the capital that the rail system network will be expanded. Following the completion of its tender, the first signatures were signed for the new 7,4-kilometer line project that will connect Mamak to the ANKARAY line running between AŞTİ and Dikimevi. President Yavaş, who signed the contract for the "Final Project Services Based on Implementation" of the Dikimevi-Natoyolu Light Rail System (HRS) Line Project, said "I want to finish the subway in my term" and asked the company to advance the contract period.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş pressed the button for the expansion of the rail system network in Başkent.

Taking action to keep his promise to spread the Metro and ANKARAY lines he gave to the people of the capital, President Yavaş signed the contract for the new 7,4-kilometer line project that will connect Mamak district to the ANKARAY line serving between AŞTİ and Dikimevi.

To the contract signing ceremony; Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, Metro İstanbul Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş. General Manager Özgür Soy and Deputy General Manager M. Fatih Gültekin attended.

Mamak Metro Map

Slow: "I Want To Finish The Subway In Its Period"

Following the completion of the "Final Project Services Tender for Implementation" for the new metro line to be added to the Mamak-Natoyolu route, Mayor Yavaş signed the contract with Özgür Soy, General Manager of Metro Istanbul Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş.

While the Dikimevi-Natoyolu Light Rail System (HRS) line project was planned to be completed within 8 months, President Yavaş asked the company to advance the time:

“I want to finish the subway on my term. We would like to open the subway in our period. The duration of the project has also been long, if we can bring it a little more, it would be my biggest wish. We will hold an open tender, but we want technical support from Istanbul regarding the technique of the tender, Izmir will also support it. Our aim is to make the project as short as possible zamdone at the moment. We will give him the support we can. "

Stating that they are planning to complete the Dikimevi-Natoyolu HRS line project in 8 months, Soy promised to shorten the time by pulling forward upon the call of President Yavaş.

Mayor Yavaş, who also made statements on social media accounts, addressed the people of Mamak about the new rail system with the following words:

“Dear fellow citizen of Mamak, we knew that the subway would not come to this city in one day, but justice could come in one day. We chose to be fair. In the 7,4 km Dikimevi-Natoyolu Light Rail Systems projectzamWe dropped out and got the promise of speeding up the project. Good news for you. "

New Line 7,4 Kilometers

After the completion of the project phase of the Dikimevi-Natoyolu line, which will be connected to the ANKARAY line running between AŞTİ and Dikimevi, the construction tender will be launched.

The new line, which will be 7,4 kilometers long, will consist of 8 separate stations.

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