Italian Brand Chooses OTAM for Testing Processes

Italian Brand Chooses OTAM for Testing Processes
Italian Brand Chooses OTAM for Testing Processes

The world-famous Italian tractor, harvester and diesel engine company entrusted the test processes to OTAM (Automotive Technologies Research and Development Center). Type approval tests of the heavy vehicle engine with a weight of 500 kg and 77 horsepower were carried out in OTAM laboratories.

The type approval and engine tests of the 500 kg and 77 horsepower heavy vehicle engine designed by the Italian company SAME Deutz-Fahr Italia SpA were carried out in the Automotive Technologies Research and Development Center (OTAM) laboratories. Engine power and smoke tests of heavy vehicle engine were carried out under the supervision of technical team from Italy and OTAM engineers.

Gruppo: "We preferred OTAM because of its command of test processes"

Speaking about the cooperation with OTAM, SAME Deutz-Fahr Italia SpA Company Executive Mr. Giuliano Gruppo said, “We preferred OTAM, which has successfully performed many important tests until today, due to its command of the test processes and the superior technical knowledge of its team. Our own technical team and OTAM's engineers came together and made the engine type approval tests of the heavy vehicle engine. We would like to thank OTAM for its customer-oriented approach and solution offered in this process ”.

Özcan: "We accelerated our test processes with digitalization"

Speaking about the subject, OTAM General Manager Ekrem Özcan said, “As OTAM, we carry out tests for R&D, testing and certification studies before production. Near zamWe took many important steps to speed up our testing processes. In addition to providing service in three shifts, we enable both our customers and our colleagues who continue to work from home to carry out their work easily without coming to OTAM with the Augmented Reality Platform and Remote Management Applications we have implemented last year. "We are preventing the pandemic from slowing down our testing processes and accelerating them with this application we have implemented and our competent staff in the field."

55 percent increase in turnover despite the pandemic

“In this way, we receive test requests not only from domestic but also from Europe. Italy is one of the countries we provide testing services. With the business we have bought from abroad, we have increased our turnover by 55 percent as of the end of August compared to the same period last year. I would like to express my gratitude to the Italian company managers who chose us in the test studies and to our competent staff who successfully carried out the tests ”.

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