Four Nalas Run to the Safety of People in Istanbul

The Atlı Birlik Group Supervisor teams, which carry out their work in their center in Büyükçekmece, first of all arrive in the morning. zamHe takes the horses with whom they spend their moments together out of the backgammon and leaves them to walk and run in the free field.

Later, the teams that do grooming and cleaning the horses carry out the training prepared against the negativities that may occur in any mission after dressing the horses with special equipment.

During the training, which starts with a march and continues with a gallop, horses are prepared for events by throwing materials such as smoke bombs and torpedoes in front of them. The Mounted Unit Group Headquarters, consisting of a total of 15 personnel and 8 horses, regularly performs their work and awaits the task to be assigned to them.

Horses Reveal Their Happiness to Us

Police officer Furkan Erözdemir explained that they work between 1 and 1,5 hours a day and said, “Later, we have studies for sound and vision that our horses may encounter outside. Here we blind our animals to negative situations that we may encounter such as sound, smoke bombs, torpedoes and fireworks. " said.

Stating that they generally work in historical and touristic places, matches, picnic and recreation areas and beaches, Erözdemir explained that they can reach places that vehicles cannot enter thanks to horses.

Drawing attention to the fact that they are on duty to respond to forest fires on-site, Erözdemir said, “We have been actively working in our forests located in different parts of Istanbul for the last month. We are there preemptively. For example, we immediately intervene in those who burn samovars, fires and barbecues, and we also apply the necessary penal procedures. " said.

Sometimes even more than their families zamStating that they form an invisible bond with the horses they spend time with, Erözdemir said, “Because we take care of the horses in our farm, the animal sees its rider. zammoment relaxes physically and mentally. Horses also show us their happiness. As the Equestrian Birlik Group Supervisor, we, with our 15 staff and 8 horses, make every effort for the peace and security of our citizens. zamWe are on duty now.” he said.

The Reaction of Our People to Us is Muazzam Beautiful

Ayten Yüksek, one of the female police officers of the association, said that when she heard that the unit was opened, she applied on a voluntary basis and was selected for her interest in animals.

Stating that they take care of all the horses themselves, Yüksek said: “The reaction of our people to us is amazing.zam It's nice, they're proud of us. Especially when women see us zamIt's nice for their fellow man to have such a big job. There are even those who applaud and congratulate us on the sidelines. Children see us for the first time zammoment is shocked. He lived and grew up in Istanbul, perhaps seeing a horse for the first time, and there is a female police officer on him. We often hear girls tell their parents that they want to be police when they see us, and I am very happy about that.”

Yüksek added that women are in all areas of life and that they do everything properly.

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