Chinese Sinopharm Will Produce Over 2021 Billion Dose of Covid-1 Vaccine in 19


China is making serious progress in developing the new coronavirus vaccine. According to the statement made by the Covid-19 Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism affiliated to the Chinese State Council, four of 13 vaccines developed by China entered the Phase 3 clinical test phase.

Phase 3 clinical testing of the two vaccines developed by two companies affiliated to the Sinopharm group is carried out in 10 countries, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan, Peru, Argentina and Egypt. So far, more than 125 thousand people have been vaccinated in 50 countries, a total of 60 thousand vaccinations are expected. The Sinopharm group announced that it is preparing for mass production, that production will exceed 2021 billion doses by 1 and they will be able to provide sufficient supply. On the other hand, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs promised that the vaccines will be supplied primarily to developing countries as a global public product.

Source: China International Radio

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