Audi Software Development Center Launched

Audi Software Development Center Launched
Audi Software Development Center Launched

Audi joined the Software Development Center (SDC) bases within the Volkswagen Group with Ingolstadt.

The first Audi SDC, the newest of the group's SDC bases in Berlin, Wolfsburg and Lisbon, aims to expand its digital know-how, in-house expertise and development skills, in the long term, and incorporate it into the Group synergy.

SDC in Ingolstadt, the first SDC commissioned by Audi, aims to develop smart, scalable, customer-oriented and secure IT solutions in-house. Established in a location close to the Audi factory, Audi SDC allows factory employees to be in close contact with their areas of expertise and to channel them into different ways of thinking by allowing them to move away from their environment where they are constantly working. Gathering software developers, UX designers and cloud platform experts under one roof, Audi SDC aims to increase the closeness and dialogue between teams, and develop solutions faster and with much more creative thinking.

Working environment and offices prepared according to need

Audi uses small teams and fast methods in its daily work at SDC. To encourage this, he developed the interior design and office equipment of the new base especially in line with the needs of the employees. The integration of Audi SDC into the network to create synergies with other SDCs of the VW Group eliminates duplication of work, while zamNow, it accelerates and improves in-house development quality in the long run. Working with the same technical platforms, methods and standards as the Volkswagen Group's other SDCs, Audi SDC has already incorporated a process management platform for product marketing and a solution for the marketing of used vehicles.

Audi looks to SDCs as a unit that will undertake projects of high strategic importance for the brand in the future, and has also started the construction of a new SDC at the Neckarsulm plant, with the focus of digital production and logistics.

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