ASELSAN Continues to Grow Profitably

ASELSAN's third quarter financial results for 2020 have been announced. ASELSAN reached its third quarter profit of 3 Billion TL. The company's turnover grew by 10% and reached 8,4 billion TL.

The positive momentum in ASELSAN's profitability indicators continued in the first nine months of 2020. The company's gross profit increased by 21% compared to the same period of the previous year. Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation and Tax (EBITDA) also increased by 17% to TL 1.816 Million. EBITDA margin realized at 21,6%.

Strong profitability also continued to feed ASELSAN's equity growth. The company's equity grew by 20% compared to the end of the year and exceeded 16 billion TL. The ratio of equity to assets, which was 2019% at the end of 53, rose to 56% at the end of the nine-month period.

ASELSAN Chairman and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN: “The effects of the coronavirus epidemic continued to be seen all over the world in the third quarter of 2020. I would like to express that this period is a period in which negativities are turned into opportunities for ASELSAN. We left behind a period in which we continued our investment expenditures without slowing down, taking into account our increasing business volume and our balance orders that we anticipate to grow in the coming years. In order to ensure the sustainability of our production and engineering activities in our Akyurt and Gölbaşı campuses and our facility located in the Başkent Organized Industrial Zone, we continued our infrastructure and machinery-equipment investments. On the other hand, we have created 1.100 new jobs in the past nine months and further strengthened our production and human resources. " said.

$ 746 million new order

It has the same technological leadership mission in the sector. zamASELSAN, which also carries it to foreign markets at the same time, managed to receive a total of 2020 million dollars of new orders in the nine months of 746. On the subject Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN said, “There has been a noticeable increase in the number of countries we export to over the years. In line with our goals to increase our effectiveness in foreign markets, we established a company that will focus on marketing and sales activities in Ukraine during this period. Thus, we continued our journey of transformation into a global defense industry company with a total of 12 subsidiaries and branches, 28 of which are abroad. Also in this period, with the support of Türk Eximbank, we have established the infrastructures for large-scale agreements in North Africa, South America and the Far East, including the European market. Our ventilator device, which we produced as a national product during the pandemic period, was exported to Kazakhstan in the amount of 19 million dollars. I believe that this product, which is in demand from many countries of the world, will reach much larger export volumes in the future.”

ASELSAN took its place in TEKNOFEST

Emphasizing every time that the most important value of the company is human assets, Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN said, “We have provided our effective support to TEKNOFEST as a stakeholder organization this year, as in the last two years, in order to pass on our company's 45-year experience to future generations. At TEKNOFEST 2020, where our President and senior state officials attended, we were happy to be a part of an important platform where the ideas and projects produced by thousands of young people eager to work in the field of technology can be implemented while witnessing the growing interest of young people in the production and development of national technology. ASELSAN will continue to take place in such organizations as the flag carrier company of the national technology move. "

Company employing the most R&D personnel

Made by my Turkishtime "Turkey's R & D Expenditures Top 250 Companies" According to the research, R & D projects, the number of continuing its open call first ASELSAN, took first place in the list with 620 projects. In terms of R&D employees, ASELSAN maintains its position as the company employing the most R&D personnel. Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN said, “Even in these difficult days we are in, we carry out both R&D and other investment activities without interruption. We continue to transfer ASELSAN's profitable growth to both the Turkish defense industry and non-defense areas such as health, energy and finance. Despite all difficulties, our company's mission requires superior performance under all conditions. With this awareness, we will continue to work day and night without slowing down and giving up our goals. " said

Source: defenceturk

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