ASELSAN Does Not Decelerate in R&D

ASELSAN, which is by far the first in the number of R&D projects, ranked first in the list with 620 projects. In terms of R&D employees, ASELSAN became the company that employed the most researchers with 2019 thousand 4 personnel as of the end of 583. ASELSAN spent 2 billion 975 million 377 thousand 381 TL on R&D last year. ASELSAN managed to increase its R&D investments by 2018% compared to 37,6. ASELSAN ranked second in the general list.

ASELSAN; It is known for uniquely developing critical technological capabilities with its own engineer staff, applying the most advanced technologies in its products, and regularly investing in sustainable R&D. ASELSAN continues its activities in three main campuses in Ankara with more than 59 thousand employees, 8% of which are engineers.

ASELSAN; In many areas such as Military and Civil Communication Systems, Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems, Electro-Optical Systems, Avionic Systems, Defense and Weapon Systems, Command Control Systems, Naval Systems, Transportation Systems, Security Systems, Energy and Power Management Systems and Health Systems It offers turnkey solutions including design, development, manufacturing, integration, modernization and after sales services. With its increasing export, ASELSAN; It rises every year in the list of the world's top 100 defense industry organizations, which it regularly takes place and ranks 2020th as of 48.

R & D 250 Survey, this year's R & Gear revealing trends in Turkey, as in past years, at which point the added value of the trip is also revealed. This year's report; Ministry of Industry and Information provided by the top 250 companies in Turkey's export ranking with Technology from the Ministry of approved R & D center with firms' R & D 500 notices their scope of research and Borsa Istanbul companies Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) was prepared starting from the statements made. The basis of the research is; R&D expenditures of companies in 2019, R&D expenditures planned for 2020, number of R&D personnel, received in R&D centers in 2019; number of patents, number of utility models, number of design registrations, number of brands and the rate of benefiting from R&D supports in 2019.

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